Age of Magic: RPG & Strategy
Age of Magic: RPG & Strategy

Age Of Magic v2.16.1 MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Immortal)

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Name Age of Magic: RPG & Strategy
Category Strategy
Size 207M
Version 2.16.1
Publisher Playkot LTD
MOD Features Menu/Damage/Immortal
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With more than five million downloads and a 4.1 rating, Age of Magic is the best 3D, turn-based, role-playing game offered by Playkot LTD. Its 9+ game modes will give you multiple options to play various modes. 120 heroes having unique skills open up countless possibilities to form unique teams. And its PvP modes make it more fun and challenging. 

Two Storylines – Two Sides – Light & Darkness

This game has two different storylines covered in two campaign modes. The first is Light Campaign and the second is the Dark Campaign. The light campaign follows the story of Roland who is the last True Mage and the only one who can defeat the dread lord – Abaddon. In this mode, you can only use the heroes of the light. 

Age Of Magic MOD APK (1)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (1)

The dark campaign mode follows the story of an assassin Sharazar, who is a follower of darkness & Abaddon. His main objective is to find Roland and kill him before he reaches the Dark Tower. In this mode, you can only use the heroes of the darkness. You can be the hero as well as a villain in this game. 

Age Of Magic MOD APK (2)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (2)

120 Unique Heroes of Light & Darkness

It has 120 unique heroes divided into 7 classes – Tank, Melee Damager, Ranger Damager, Rogue, Caster, Healer & Boss, and 20 factions like Dark Elves, Wild Elves, Renegades, Orks, Archons, Druids, Beastmen, etc. Each hero has a unique set of active & passive skills. Heroes also inflict marks on enemies and trigger them based on their class & faction to deal more damage or apply debuff effects on the enemies. 

Age Of Magic MOD APK (3)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (3)

All these classes, factions, and skill sets unlock countless unique team formations. You can create your unique team and battle against the legion of the abyss. You can also train your heroes to upgrade their levels, evolve them to increase their rarity, and equip equipment to increase their stats attributes, and make them stronger. On equipping all types of equipment, you can level up the equipment levels. 

Valley of Treasures

Age Of Magic MOD APK (4)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (4)

If you want to enhance your heroes’ abilities, then this is the mode for you. In this mode, you can use heroes of light as well as darkness to battle against enemy waves. On winning the battle, you will get ability cubes as rewards. You can use those cubes to upgrade the heroes’ abilities. 

MOD Version of Age of Magic


God Mode – Using the god mode will make all your heroes immortal. They will not die no matter how much damage they receive. 

One-Hit Kill – When you enable this feature, your hero will only need one hit to kill the enemy regardless of the enemy’s HP. 

No Skill Cooldown – This feature refreshes the skills of your heroes instantly. You don’t have to wait to use their skills again. 

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