AirFighters v4.2.7 MOD APK (Unlocked All Planes)

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Name AirFighters
Category Simulation
Size 136M
Version 4.2.7
Publisher RORTOS
MOD Features Unlocked All Planes
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Do you love fighter jets if yes then you should read today’s post. Because in today’s post, we are going to introduce you to the most advanced fighter plane combat Flight Simulator game. The name of this game is AirFighters which is developed by the team RORTOS. This is a very challenging game where you will get a lot of Airports and runways and you can take off your plane. If you are ready for the action in the sky then you can get this game.

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Description of AirFighters

AirFighters 2

Basically, this game comes in the category of casual action simulation games. That offers you very realistic graphics and the actual sound quality of the Jets. In this game, you have to train yourself and improve your skills so that you can complete all the missions. You have to fight against the Enemies so that you can unlock a lot of powerful weapons.


You have to train yourself with your favorite aircraft so that you can conquer the sky. Once you get better in your skills then you can take part in missions and a lot of events. You will get six types of different modes in this game. And you can enjoy any one of them at a time. You will get realistic maps and navigation with 500 real airports, and 1000 + runways. Not only that, but you will get a feature where you can build your own missions.

Realistic World Maps And Navigation

AirFighters 3

In this game, you will get realistic maps from all around the world and the navigation that you use while flying. You will find those world maps Realistic because you will get real-time weather conditions. You will get 500 + real airports where you can take a rest and also can continue from there because there are 1000 plus runways and you can use every one of them they are not just to show you they are real.

Unlock All Aircraft And Unlock Powerful Weapons

AirFighters 4

When we play a game we want some extra vehicles same here in this game you will get a lot of aircraft. But remember you have to unlock them on your own. And you can make your aircraft powerful by equipping powerful weapons. You can upgrade your weapons so that you can kill all the enemies that come your way. We are very sure that you had never seen weapons like these before in your life and in any other game.

Enjoy Different Modes

AirFighters 5

In this game, you will get different types of modes that you can enjoy anytime. In the starting, you will get a training mode where you can improve your skills and also can learn how to control aircraft in a better way. Second, you will get a fight mode where you can fight against several enemies. This model is also used to improve your skills and defense techniques. The last and third mode is world Supremacy once you get perfect with your skills. This mode is given so that you can show your skills to everyone that you are unbeatable.

Build Your Missions 

AirFighters 6

In this game, you will get a feature that you can build your own missions. We had already told you that there are a lot of real locations on the map you can choose any location. Once you complete your process then you can let other users know who are already enjoying this game. If they like your work then your mission can become very famous. 

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