Airport City
Airport City

Airport City v8.33.02 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Name Airport City
Category Simulation
Size 156M
Version 8.33.02
Publisher Game Insight
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Airport City is a management simulation game offered by Game Insight. You will play as an airline commander and build, develop & manage the airport with your management skills. Along with it, you will also build a city near it that will provide various types of services for the airport. It also features the alliance office to play with other like-minded players.

Build & Manage Your Airport

Airport City (1)
Airport City (1)

You will begin managing the airport from the start when it has only one airplane, terminal, and runway. You will have to send flights to earn coins and experience to develop the airport. With the coin, you can build more terminals & runways, and buy new planes so you can send multiple flights simultaneously. And gain enough EXP to level up which will unlock new buildings & upgrade levels. 

As you level up, you can build a repair base, stand, parking lot, operative hangar, helicopter pad, command center, airship dock, weather station, boarding bridge, and much more. From time to time, guest planes will also ask your permission to land at your airport. You can allow them to earn rewards like coins, passengers, and EXP. 

Buy All Types of Airplanes & Helicopters

It features 11 types of planes with passenger capacities ranging from 12 to 750. It has Swallow, Swift, Owl, Hawk, and Raven for short flights, and Eagle, Jumbo, Giant, Falcon, Thunderbird & Condor for longer flights. 

Airport City (2)
Airport City (2)

Passengers are not the only ones you meet in Airport City, there will also be tourists. So, you will need helicopters for their tours. For that purpose, it includes many types of helicopters. For instance, the Sparrow helicopter which is suitable for flights to National Parks, the Crossbill helicopter for waterfalls, and the Goldfinch helicopter for mountains. These helicopters also have multiple classes that give your certain buffs. 

Build & Develop Your Airport City

If there is no city, then from where you will get the passengers? In the Airport City game, you can create your own dream city and develop it into a megapolis. You can build residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industries, and grow trees to decorate the city. 

Airport City (3)
Airport City (3)

Residential buildings increase the population and maximum population capacity, and the number of passengers. Commercial buildings produce passive income over time. And industries are needed for various types of work & services. 

When you build a building, you also have to build a path to connect it to the main road. Also, you have to take care of electricity. Building a city is not easy. You need to maintain all these buildings for a smooth flow between the city and the airport. 

Construct Commercial Buildings for Passive Income

Coins are the basic currency used in the game for most of the tasks like constructing new buildings, buying new planes, etc. You will not get enough coins for all of that just from the flights. So, you need other sources of income. In that case, you can build commercial buildings such as eateries, grocery stores, flower shops, car dealerships, pharmacies, hotels, circuses, grand hotels, museums, opera theatres, and many more. 

Airport City (4)
Airport City (4)

All commercial buildings generate passive income over time. It also increases population and electricity consumption in the city. So, you need residential buildings & power plants too to manage all of that. 

All Necessary Industrial Buildings

Airplanes don’t run on water. They need fuel. The fuel quantity recovers by one every minute. And that won’t enough for multiple flights. Additionally, you have to wait for so long to send another flight if you run out of fuel. In that case, you can build fuel stations that produce additional fuel over time. There are also fuel stations H, and cosmic fuel stations for producing fuel H and solid fuel respectively. For increasing the maximum fuel capacity, it has fuel refineries. 

In all types of buildings, electricity is used. The more the buildings, the more electricity usage. To provide electricity to all facilities, you can build power plants, powerful wind turbines, solar power stations, coal stations, solar panels, and Tesla power plants. The game has all types of buildings & industries that you will require to build your dream city & airport. 

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