Alien: Blackout
Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout v2.0.1 APK + OBB (MOD, Endless Energy)

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Name Alien: Blackout
Category Adventure
Size 243M
Version 2.0.1
MOD Features Endless Energy
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Alien blackout is a very amazing action game that offers you a very horror storyline. This game is developed by the team of D3 go. In this game, you have to struggle for your survival because the aliens set up traps everywhere so you have to try your best to be alive. If you search it on the Google Play Store then you will find out that it is a paid game.

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Introduction of Alien: Blackout

Alien Blackout 1

In this action + horror game, you are kept in a spaceship where the alien attacks. All the missions that you will get are full of action and you will get two options only that is to be alive and die. You have to struggle for your survival at every level and there are a lot of features that you can use in your spaceship. There will be a lot of weapons but you have to find out them so that you can use all of them. After getting the weapons you can fight against the Monsters and also can kill them.


This game tells you the story of when your crew left the spaceship whose name is Wayland yutani. There are only three members in that spaceship and that is Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, and one more. At that time aliens attack your spaceship and there is no way to get out from that.

You have to help each other so that they can also survive and work like a team so that you can kill all the Monsters. So what you are waiting for in this new chapter is there will be a lot of new features that you can enjoy so download and enjoy this horror story.

Use Weapons To Tackle Monsters

Alien Blackout 2

There are a lot of weapons that you can use to tackle the Monsters. And in the start, there will be no weapons in your hand but you can find out them on your spaceship, and after that, you can use them. You will find out that all the weapons are very futuristic and you had never seen them before. That is because simple weapons don’t have so much ability that they can tackle the Monsters because they have a lot of unbeatable powers.

Take care Of Your Members

Alien Blackout 3

In this game, you have to play the role of the commander of your crew. That is because you have to take care of your members and also helped them in a lot of ways. You are the main character because you have the courage to fight against those Monsters and also to kill them. So make your teammates alive by motivating them so that they can tackle all the Monsters very easily and also can help you at many points.

Use Your Spaceship Features

Alien Blackout 4

At the start when you are not in the condition to believe that Monsters attack your spaceship. At that time you can use your special features like a camera and sensors so that you can get the motion of Monsters and also can see how they look. By using the camera feature of your spaceship you will get the exact appearance of those Monsters. It will be a very difficult situation if these features are not there for you.

Counter Your Fear Again And Again

Alien Blackout 5

Whenever you tackle some Monsters and kill them then you will be in rest mode and think that now there is no fear but suddenly you will get trapped in another danger. That’s why you have to counter your face again and again while playing this game. You will enjoy it a lot when you will be indifferent and dangerous situations.

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