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Alight Motion v5.0.237.1001886 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Name Alight Motion
Category Video Players & Editors
Size 154M
Publisher Alight Creative
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Are you one of those who are enthusiastic about putting their hands into the universe of video editing? Alight motion is an extraordinary application to begin. This application comes with a straightforward interface that even a newbie can get a handle on effortlessly. To make your videos stand out, you don’t have to be a technology expert. Let’s have a look at the features offered by this.

Enhance visualizations

Alight Motion offers you different types of effects and filters that are upgraded with cool moments. You can use their visualizations to make your video very beautiful and professional. So add your required visuals to your video to make it cool and also you can use different types of free filters available on this application.

Simplified Layering 

This application allows you to use multiple layering features. There will be straightforward sheets that you can put on top of one another. On multiple layers, you can add texts, pictures, or different recordings to make it more interesting and beautiful. Every video editor does not of you this feature because it is used by professionals.

Color correction Tool Available

Alight motion Allows you to play with the colors without using rocket science it will be very easy. That is all because the color of your videos has a big impact on how they will feel after completion. This feature is a must-needed feature by the users that’s why it is available on this application for free. So if you are not satisfied with the color of your video then do some color correction with this tool.

Smooth Sound Changes

Without a sound, you can’t create a decent eye-catching video. This application allows you to play your videos with any sound you want. You can add multiple tracks, trim them, control the volume of those sounds, and many more. There is one more best feature that you can record your sound live.

Share Your Creations

We know that when we share our creation using WhatsApp and other applications then there is a quality drop. But if you are using this application then it will make sharing very simple because there are no other extra steps and applications that you need. So whatever you create you can share directly with this application.

Easy Animation tools 

As you know animations are a very popular but also very difficult thing. If you want to learn how to create animations then you have to give a lot of time to it. But this application makes it very easy and simple. That is because it offers you some pre-built animations that you can choose from. Now you can make your videos more professional by using animations in them.

Join the Editors Community

If you are using this application for your video editing then you can join a community of better editors. In this community, you can share your experience and advice and also ask for help if you are having any problems while working. You can make new friends for an exchange of ideas with the help of this feature.

Best Alternatives

Kinemaster: Kinemaster is an awesome video-making app. It resembles having a little film studio in your pocket. Alter recordings, add music, and make great stuff. It’s really simple, tap and swipe to make your recordings look outstanding. 

Inshot: Inshot is an application for making recordings and photographs look awesome. It is like having a beautiful collage for your photos. You can add channels, add music, and offer with companions. 

VideoShow: You can edit clips, add music, and create cool slideshows. Super simple just tap and make your videos stand out. Dive into the world of video editing fun with Videoshow.


Does Alight Motion support IOS?

Alight Motion is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Can I use Alight Motion on my computer?

Currently, Alight Motion is designed for mobile devices and does not have a dedicated desktop version.

What features does Alight Motion offer for video editing?

Alight Motion provides features such as keyframe animation, visual effects, blending modes, color correction, and text animations for video editing.

How can I add text to my videos in this?

To add text, you can use the Text tool, customize the text properties, and animate it using keyframes for movement or effects.

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