Angry Neighbor
Angry Neighbor

Angry Neighbour v3.2 MOD APK (Full Game)

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Name Angry Neighbor
Category Action
Size 87M
Version 3.2
Publisher Invictus Studio
MOD Features Full Game
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Angry Neighbor is a very adventurous game where you have to reveal a lot of Secrets about your neighbor. If you are looking for a fun game then you can go for this. This amazing game is developed by the team of Invictus studio. In this game, you live in a 3D world where uh you have a curiosity about the house of your neighbor.

Description of Angry Neighbor

Angry Neighbor 1

This game comes in a category of adventure and action games where you have to play a role of a boy. He is very curious about his neighbor’s house. You have to take care that you will never get trapped in your neighbor’s house so that he can catch you. This game will create a survival horror environment around you because you have to do all the tasks very secretly.

Once your neighbor gets to know about you and that you had entered his house then it will be very difficult to survive there.


Angry Neighbor 5

Every one of us wants to know the secrets of our neighbors. Same here in this game you are playing the role of a boy who is very curious about an unusual person that is living in his neighborhood. His neighbor was very rude to everyone and used to live alone in a big house. He never allowed anybody to get into his house. There are a lot of Secrets that you have to reveal but do not get caught by the Evil neighbor.

Explore The House

Angry Neighbor 2

After entering your neighbor’s house you have to explore all the houses so that you can get some clues and surprising secrets. There are a lot of missions that you have to do and follow the storyline so that You can enjoy this game the most.

Enjoy 3D Graphics

The graphics of this game is very amazing because you will get a day-night circle feature. The formation of the house and the interior are also very amazing that will attract you every time when you start this game. It will create a horror environment around you when you play the missions in your neighbor’s house. It will be a very amazing experience for you so try it at once you will never get disappointed by it.

Very Easy Control With Freedom Action

Angry Neighbor 3

It is a very easy-to-play game because it has very easy controls and everybody gets comfort. There is one more feature in this game your character is free to do a lot of actions. If you want to explore all of these actions that you can do freely then you have to try this game.

Look For Keys And Climb Different Places

Angry Neighbor 4

As we all know there are a lot of rooms in every house. Same here in your neighbor’s house you have to search for several keys so that you can unlock doors to explore the full house. Once you get all the keys then you can check all the rooms one by one. 

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