Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant v10.13 MOD APK (Free Rewards, No ADS)

In Animal Restaurant MOD APK, you just have to feed your customers the best you can. Take care of your restaurant and customers together.

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Name Animal Restaurant
Publisher DH-Publisher
Genre Simulation
Size 287 MB
Version 10.13
MOD Free Rewards, No ADS
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Animal Restaurant is the most famous version in the Animal Restaurant series of publisher
Mod Version 10.13

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What's new

1. Puzzle Event Begins
2. Added new Starry Rose series facilities.
3. Added an event exclusive letter.
4. Added an event-exclusive NPC.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK is a restaurant-simulation game where you are the owner and you have to serve food to your customers. Well, it’s not easy all the time when you have less money in your pocket and fewer resources. In this game, players have to make enough space and add tables so their customers can sit and enjoy their food.

Description of Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant Mod_result
Animal Restaurant Mod_result

Animal Restaurant is a simulation game offered by DH-Publisher. It has 10 Million+ downloads on Google Play Store and it’s a smooth & calm music game where you have to feed your beloved animals. You can attract new customers by doing promotions, or hiring someone professional. Well, playing this game is fun and relaxing. Keep reading this article to know more about Animal Restaurant.

Beautiful Story and Relaxing Gameplay

Animal Restaurant Mod1_result
Animal Restaurant Mod1_result

The story of Animal Restaurant is that you start with Chef Gumi started the business of a Restaurant and asks you to clean it. Then, we gotta clean it, once the cleaning is complete, you will get the startup fund (Cod) which you can spend on things like tables because customers gonna sit on them. As we have to save money so we need to buy the cheapest tables first. Tap on the Menu button to buy stuff known as facilities. Also, we can check the information about all things that are available. You can buy those things which are necessary for you & your customers.

The gameplay is really cool as you just have to feed your customers the best you can. Take care of your restaurant and keep a sharp eye on customers, there will be rich people who just came here to show off and not eat, also, there will be food thieves who will steal your food if you don’t catch them. Well, it’s fun. Also, in the game UI, you can discover lots of new places too. You can unlock new events, claim & complete tasks or achievements. Keep collecting Cod and make your Animal Restaurant a beautiful place for every animal to eat and enjoy.

Promote Your Restaurant & Serve Customers

Animal Restaurant Mod2_result
Animal Restaurant Mod2_result

When you own a restaurant, the most thing is the customers and without them, there is hardly any chance of your survival. Well, the same here in this game but just the difference is that the customers are animals and they are cute but they can be angry if you don’t serve them what they wanted, so, make sure you do a little work and make them happy. Run your Animal Restaurant and have fun.

When a customer comes to your restaurant’s doorstep, they will check if there is some space to sit and eat or not. So, you have to make sure, you have enough tables for them or they will just stand behind the door and wait for their turn. But it will make the process so slow that you hardly will earn some money. So, keep getting new tables so your customers can sit & enjoy their food. Customers will ask if you have the required food, so make sure you have that recipe, or they will leave your restaurant with anger and give it negative feedback. You can also watch ads to promote your shop and attract more customers (15x phone promotions).

Decorate Your Restaurant

Animal Restaurant Mod3_result
Animal Restaurant Mod3_result

Decorating your Restaurant is an essential thing in this game. There are tons of facilities available that can give your animal restaurant a great look. This help attracts customers, and yes it is, as in real life. If you have a gorgeous restaurant, your customers will come in large numbers but if you have a dirty one, there will be hardly any customers. So, make sure, it’s cleaned up. Also, buying decorative items requires money, you can buy them from the Menu. There are Tip Desks, Tables, Plants, a variety of Dessert Bar, Mats, Curtains, Wall Decor, a Coffee Bar, a Bar, a Stove, a Window, a Fridge, and hundreds of such items.

Hire Professionals in Your Restaurant

Animal Restaurant Mod4_result
Animal Restaurant Mod4_result

Speaking of Professionals, in this game, you can actually hire some. There are so many available which will help you & your restaurant to give the best it can. There are waiters, shop promoters, food servers, chefs, cashiers, workers, and so many Professionals. Hiring them requires a lot of money and you have to hire them wisely. It’s on you whom you wanna hire or who can work at your restaurant. Give them a chance and let’s see.

Learn New Recipes & Make Your Customers Happy

Animal Restaurant Mod5_result
Animal Restaurant Mod5_result

Learning new recipes is essential because once you start your restaurant, there will be so many customers which will ask for their favorite food, so if you don’t have them, they will leave. So, you can learn new recipes from the menu. There are hundreds of recipes in this game and there are two things that are a must if you want to learn a new recipe. All the recipes have different Cod costs and to learn them your ratings should be equal to the required ratings of a particular recipe. So, after only that, you will learn the recipe.

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