Have Fun With These Exciting Casual Games On MPL

Have Fun With These Exciting Casual Games On MPL

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Have Fun With These Exciting Casual Games On MPL

Investing in a high-end gaming computer or console is unnecessary to engage in your favorite games. All you need is a smartphone and a stable Internet connection. Then, dive into the magical world of casual games on reliable online platforms, such as MPL. MPL, or Mobile Premier League, is among the largest mobile gaming and eSports gaming platforms offering 60+ games across multiple categories, including casual games, arcade games, fantasy sports, etc. With over nine crore users on the platform, it is one of the most recognized and allows users to win up to INR 30 crore daily winnings. The platform features tournaments and cash contests where users can partake and earn money from games. Pick your favorite games according to your skills and defeat your opponents. You can challenge your friends or play against random opponents. Moreover, you will get a referral bonus for every referral you make.

Here’s a list of the exciting and exhilarating casual games you’ll find on MPL.


Carrom is a childhood favorite game, etched in the hearts of Indians. It is one of the most fun indoor childhood games. This board game was once enjoyed by near and dear ones and can now be played online. Online carrom games are similar to traditional games but with small tweaks. In MPL, the game is played in a professional mode. You can play with multiple opponents or engage in 1v1 player mode. There are several benefits of playing online carrom games with multiple opponents. It allows you to connect with skilled players worldwide and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Before starting a game, ensure to go through the rules. So, click play and pocket the tokens to win.


Ludo is another captivating board game that may bring back fond childhood memories. Players of all ages love this strategy game. Due to the game’s popularity and technological advancements, you can ludo game download and play it on your mobile devices.

In the MPL platform, you can enjoy the classic ludo game and the fun variants. The variants are similar to the traditional game but with exciting twists. The variants are:

  • Ludo Dice – The game is played in quick mode within a given time limit. The goal is to score higher than everyone else.
  • Ludo 2 Dice – The game is played with two dice instead of one. There’s a given time limit, and the objective scores are higher than others.
  • Ludo Win – This is played with three tokens, and every move increases the score. It has limited moves, and you can earn bonus points by capturing your opponents’ tokens. The game involves scoring higher than the opponents and moving the tokens strategically across the board. You can earn bonus points by capturing the opponents’ tokens. Also, the key to winning is tactical decisions, blocking opponents’ tokens, and adapting to situations with setbacks or obstacles.

Monster Truck

Monster Truck on MPL is an engaging, adrenaline-rushing truck racing game where you control a truck across hilly terrains. The game demands that players perform stunts while the truck is in the air and ensure it lands smoothly on the ground. This game combines the thrill of racing with mud-bogging events that people love worldwide. You can enjoy this racing game by competing against live opponents and earning cash prizes.

Runner No. 1

Runner No.1 is a 3D video involving endless running. Gamers must control the actions of the explorers who a bear is chasing through various terrains. The player’s score depends on how long they keep running, avoiding obstacles. Players must prevent falling off cliffs and colliding with obstacles. While running, you must collect power-up points to get a boost. No matter what players do, they must always stay ahead of the bear chasing them. You can download this fun game and join tournaments to win lucrative rewards.

Bike Racing Game

Do you love riding bikes? Whether you love riding or want to live your bike riding dream virtually, the Bike Racing Game on MPL is the perfect game. This is an adrenaline-pumping bike racing game that provides you the opportunity to let loose after an exhausting day at work. The game is a quintessential motorcycle multiplayer racing game involving racing in bike tracks and pushing on the gas. The objective is to reach the finish line before the opponents. Besides the fun and thrill of racing, the game allows you to win real cash rewards and other prizes. Install this racing game and bring out all your stress.

City Surfer

City Surfer is an enjoyable game on this platform where players run left and right and swipe up and down to avoid getting caught. Players must collect hoverboards while they are surfing and save their life. Also, you must collect the coins along the way and earn extra points. In the game, there are two formats. You can engage in the battle format to play against live opponents or participate in the tournament format to get a high score and earn cash prizes. Being on top of the leaderboard is the objective if you want to win prizes. Similar to Bike Racing and Runner No.1, this endless racing game is excellent for unwinding at the end of a tough day.


These are the top casual games you can play on MPL. Click play and have fun!

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