Auto Battles Online
Auto Battles Online

Auto Battles Online v2235 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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Name Auto Battles Online
Category Role Playing
Size 97M
Version 2235
Publisher Tier 9 Game Studios
MOD Features Damage/Defense Multiplier
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Auto Battles Online is a role-playing and tactical multiplayer game offered by Tier 9 Game Studios. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store. It features idle auto-battle gameplay, 80+ unique heroes, hundreds of unique weapons & gears, more than ten game modes, and guilds to play with friends. It’s still in the developing phase, so you can expect more features in the future. 

Description of Auto Battles Online – Idle PVP

It’s an auto-battle game where you will form a team of 5 heroes and face countless enemies in battles. In a battle, you have to do nothing, but come up with a better lineup of 5 heroes that can stand alive against any kind of enemy. Once you do, start the battle. Your team will automatically attack the enemies and use their skills. You will win the battle by defeating all the enemies.

Auto Battles Online MOD APK (1)
Auto Battles Online MOD APK (1)

As a reward, you will get gold, EXP, and green leaves. EXP is needed to increase your player level, and gold & green leaves are required to upgrade your heroes. Upgrade your heroes and make them stronger for future battles as you will face stronger enemies with each victory.

80+ Unique Heroes

It has 80+ unique heroes with amazing passive & active skills. Heroes are divided into three classes – Warrior, Archer, and Mage. Warriors have the highest HP & Armor, Archers have the highest basic attack damage, and Mages are the best with their skills as they have the highest skill damage. You can create countless amazing lineups. 

Auto Battles Online MOD APK (2)
Auto Battles Online MOD APK (2)

To make your heroes more powerful, you can upgrade them and equip them with weapons & armor. Also, this game has a salvage feature that lets you combine a certain number of heroes of the same class & rarity to increase the rarity level of a hero. It also increases the max level capacity of the hero. 

Also, you can create your unique hero too when you start the game for the first time. You can customize it as you like. It provides many options to customize the eyes, head, smile, hair, skin color, and clothes. You can also choose its class and name.

Auto Battles Online MOD APK (3)
Auto Battles Online MOD APK (3)

Game Modes

There are many game modes such as PvP Arena, Dungeons, Conquest, Guild Raids, Tournaments, Guild Boss, World Events, etc. You can play any game mode you want. You will never be bored with these many game modes. In PvP Arena, you can challenge real players, defeat them, and increase your league to earn amazing rewards.

Auto Battles Online MOD APK (4)
Auto Battles Online MOD APK (4)

It has 15+ maps and each map has a unique dungeon with 100 levels. You will face different enemies in all dungeons. And with each level & map, enemies will grow stronger. You can clear these levels in all dungeons to test your strength. 

In the Conquest mode, you can raid the territories on an island and take them under your control to create your own empire. You will get passive income from the territories that are under your control. So, even when you don’t play the game, you will get the resources to upgrade your heroes. Isn’t it cool?

MOD Version of Auto Battles Online


Damage Multiplier – You can increase the damage from 1x to 999x times the original damage of your heroes using the damage multiplier. This way, you can easily beat up the enemies.

Defense Multiplier – Just like the damage multiplier, the defense multiplier lets you increase the defense from 1x to 999x times the original defense of your heroes. You will be nearly invincible and won’t receive any damage from the enemies. 

Attack Speed – Attack speed determines the time your heroes take before attacking again. Using this feature, you can increase their attacking speed. As the attack speed increase, your damage will increase too in a given amount of time. 

Useful FAQs

What is Auto Battles Online?

It is a free-to-play online strategy mobile game with anime-styled, cute heroes where players must build and manage their own base, and recruit and train troops.

Is it safe to install Auto Battles?

Yes. It’s a malware-free APK and doesn’t require rooted devices. It’s completely safe to install. 

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