B612 v12.4.12 MOD APK (VIP Subscription Unlocked)

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Name B612
Category Photography
Size 158M
Version 12.4.12
Publisher SNOW Corporation
MOD Features VIP Subscription Unlocked
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B612 is a mind-blowing beauty & selfie camera application on Android devices that provides mind-blowing features to beautify your pics & selfies. It’s also a photo & video editor and has features like filters & effects.

What Does B612 Do?

B612 comes with beautifying features such as face reshaping, body reshaping tools, makeup, filters, etc. that allow users to edit their photos & selfies to make them more beautiful. You can also apply beauty features in videos. Moreover, its camera lets you apply filters, effects & beauty edits in real-time while taking the selfie. You can record videos & GIF bounces as well. Also, it has a huge collection of music, stickers, borders, and text styles to apply to your photos.

Explore B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor


B612 is the best photography application offered by SNOW, Inc. It has more than five hundred million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.3 rating out of 5. Using this app, you can edit your photos & videos hassle-free and turn them more stunning & beautiful, and take selfies with real-time beauty filters & effects. 

Thousands of Ready-to-Use Templates

If you are not a good editor, then don’t worry. You will find thousands of premade templates created by experts in this app. It has many types of templates.  You can use those templates to easily edit your pics & videos. Just explore the templates and choose the one you like. Then just select your pic. All the effects & filters will apply to your selected pic in a second. Easy, right? 

Beautify Yourself with Amazing Beauty Features


B612 is so popular for its beauty features. As you all know taking selfies & pics will not always result in perfection. There can be some defects due to various reasons like wrong camera angle, light, or your skin is that great, etc. For all such issues, B612 beauty features are the perfect solution. It has face editing tools, body editing tools, face reshaper, makeup filters, blemish remover, matte remover, wrinkles remover, dark circles remover, teeth whitener, and glitter feature. 


In face editing, you can adjust the shape of various parts of the face such as sculpt, temple, jaw, chin, cheekbones, forehead, etc. You can also edit your eyes, eyebrows, nose & lips. You can enlarge the eyes, adjust their heights & length or tilt them. Pupil size and eye tails can be adjusted too. And with the body editing tools, you can adjust the body’s slimness, shoulders, waist, hips curves, and legs. 

Capture Selfies or Videos with Real-Time Filters & Effects

It’s primarily a beauty selfie app and supports real-time beauty filters. You don’t have to take selfies first and then edit them. You can do that while taking the selfie in real time. All the beauty features discussed in the above sections can be used. You can see the changes in real time. And when you get your preferred result, capture a selfie. No need to edit later. 

It also has a smart-beauty feature that automatically applies beauty features by scanning your face. Additionally, you can apply filter presets, varieties of effects, AR makeup, stickers, etc. You can select any music from its huge library and record video with it. It also has the Bounce feature to create GIFs. 

Hundreds of Filters & Effects


Filters & effects make the photos stunning and unique in many ways. They change the atmosphere & feelings in the pics. In this app, you are getting 100+ filters of many types such as classic, retro, vivid, b&w, the ’70s, ’90s, calm, film, retro, cherry, minimal, memory, sunny, aqua, VHS, mono, etc. You can apply any filter you want and also adjust its intensity. And if we talk about the effects, then it has hundreds of amazing efforts of many types such as light, bling, blur, particle, frame, dust, filter, date, mask, split, retro, glitch, cartoon, etc. 

Edit Color Attributes As you See Fit


If you want to manually adjust the color attributes in the pics, you can use its adjustment tool. Using it, you can edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen, highlights, shadows, fade, warmth, tint, vignette, and other attributes manually. It also has curves, split tone, and HSL for advanced color control. Using the HSL, you can edit any certain color’s hue, saturation & lightness.

MOD Version of B612

  • VIP Subscription Unlocked

Useful FAQs

Can I edit eyebrows in the B612 editor?

Yes. It comes with eyebrow editing tools that allow you to adjust the eyebrow’s thickness, angle, share, glabella, and both ends.

Does it add its watermark in the pics?

You get the option to toggle the watermark in the pics. You can enable/disable it from the settings. Even the free version lets you disable the watermark.

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