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Castle Crush

Castle Crush: Epic Battle v6.3.5 MOD APK (Free Summon Cards)

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Name Castle Crush
Category Strategy
Size 86M
Version 6.3.5
Publisher Fun Games For Free
MOD Features Free Summon Cards
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Hello, players. Get ready to download the best strategy Android game Castle Crush which is the best real-time strategy, casual, and competitive multiplayer game offered by Fun Games For Free. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.4 rating out of 5. Play with 65+ unique character cards, and spell cards, compete against real players, climb up the leaderboard and be the best player.

Description of Castle Crush

Castle Crush MOD APK 5

It’s a 2.5D, side-view three-lane strategy game. In this game, you will battle with real players from around the world in duels. In a duel, your castle will be on the left side and the opponent’s castle on the right side with three lanes in-between them. You have to deploy your card troops in those lanes to destroy the opponent’s castle to win the duel. If you love such kind of strategy games, you will also love Nulls brawl APK.

Castle Crush MOD APK 2

When the duel starts, you will have 5 cards at hand. Deploy the cards to attack the opponent’s troops and castle. It will consume the mana that replenishes over time. New cards will be drawn from the deck after a certain time. The max mana capacity will be 2 in the starting. Each time a card is drawn from the deck, the max mana capacity also increases by one, stopping at 12. 

The duel will last for 4 minutes. If none of you can destroy the other’s castle, the duel will go into overtime. In that time, your castles will lose HP over time. The player who withstands the overtime or destroys the opponent’s castle will win the duel. He will earn trophies, gold, and a chest as rewards for winning the duel. 

Castle Crush MOD APK 1

65+ Unique Cards

There are 65+ unique cards in this game. Each card has a unique attack style and attributes. It has skeletons, archers, siege ballista, orc warrior, mage, demon, golem, executioner, black knight, reaper, black witch, vampire, dragon, necromancer, and many other cards. These cards are divided into common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary rarity. High rarity cards also have special abilities that are used when you deploy the card. You can also upgrade them to increase their attributes like attack power, HP, etc.

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Upgrade Your Castle

The castle’s HP in the battles depends on your castle level. The higher the level, the higher the HP. So, don’t forget to upgrade your castle. Having higher HP than your opponent can be advantageous. To increase the castle’ level, you will need to upgrade your card level first. On upgrading the cards, you will earn XP. After collecting a certain amount of XP, your castle’s level will increase

Join Clans & Play with Friends

In the Castle Crush, you can create your clan or join your friend’s clan. In the clan, you can chat with your friends & clanmates and play the game together. It’s more fun to play with our friends, right? It also supports friendly battles that will increase the fun. Additionally, you can donate the cards to help your clanmates or receive cards to upgrade your cards. 

Win Daily Battles & Earn Amazing Prizes

This game also gives you a chance to win legendary cards. Every day, a special daily event is launched with special rules. You can play the daily event and win to get amazing rewards like chest or cards. If you win daily events for the seven days without losing any event, then you can choose the fragment of a legendary card. After collecting 5 fragments of the same card, you will get the legendary card. 

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Earn Trophies & Rise the Leagues

There are 8 Castles in the Castle Crush such as Lord’s Castle, Undead Keep, Demon’s Hold, Angelic Temple, Summit’s Castle, etc. You will need a certain number of trophies to reach these castles. On higher castles, you will get higher rewards from the chests. It also unlocked more cards. Once you achieve the highest castle and cross 3400 trophies, you will enter the leagues. And when the season ends, you will get mind-blowing rewards depending on your league. 

Useful FAQs

How to increase the castle’s level?

To increase the castle’s level, you have to earn XP by upgrading the cards.

Can I play Castle Crush on PC?

Yes. You can play this game using an Android emulator on the PC. 

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