Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival
Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival

Dead Zombie Shooter v44.3 MOD APK (Menu, Unlocked All, VIP)

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App Info

Name Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival
Category Action
Size 450M
Version 44.3
Publisher Hyper Casual Fungames
MOD Features Menu, Unlocked All, VIP
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Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival is a new zombie game with action-packed gameplay. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s offered by Hyper Casual Fungames and was released recently. Although it’s a new game, it’s gaining more popularity among the games. It has a 4.8 rating out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Also, it’s an offline game. So, you can play it anytime you want without an internet connection. So, get ready with the best powerful weapon & armor to face the horde of zombies & mutants from the start. 

Description of Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival

It’s an amazing zombie-shooter game. It features 4 unique playable characters, hundreds of weapons & gears, and various types of zombies & bosses with unique deadly attack patterns & abilities. You will have fun clearing 100+ challenging missions, killing zombie hordes, and uncovering the story behind the virus experiments.

Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (1)
Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (1)


The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus was spread throughout the world, turning most living beings into zombies & undead. All countries come together to deal with the virus and the zombies. They get intel that someone is still conducting some experiments on the virus on an island which further leads to a mutation in the zombies, making them more powerful & dangerous than before. 

For further investigation into this matter and collecting the evidence of the experiment, the government sends a team of 4 brilliant soldiers to the island. Their main objective is to collect evidence and avoid any unnecessary actions like fighting the zombies. But the island has something more to offer to the soldier than a regular normal mission. 

Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (2)
Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (2)

What will happen to them? Will they be able to find out the evidence? Will they be able to stop those who are conducting experiments on the virus? I’m sorry. I’m asking the wrong questions. The right question is: Are You Ready to Play the Game as One of the Soldiers and Find out All the Answers? 

4 Unique Playable Characters

It has 4 unique characters you can choose to play with. Core, Anna, Jack, and Adar. Each of them has different attribute stats and a unique skill. Jack has the skill to strengthen himself by increasing the firing rate, reloading speed & movement speed. Adar has more combat experience as he was a mercenary before. His skill calls a UAV that automatically attacks the zombies. 

Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (3)
Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (3)

Core is the leader of the team and using his skill will throw five AI grenades that automatically follow the target & then explode. And Anna’s skill reduces the damage taken and heals her health. Choose your player as you like. 

Various Types of Zombies

There are many types of zombies in this game and each of them has unique skills & attack patterns. You will face human zombies, undead spiders, undead rats, dragonflies, lickers, mutant zombies, radiated zombies, zombie dogs & wolves, and many other types. It also has special zombies & bosses with higher HP & attack power to give you real challenges. 

Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (4)
Dead Zombie Shooter MOD APK (4)

You will have to come up with good tactics to face the horde of zombies as they can use varieties of attacks. For instance, undead spiders throw webs at you that reduces your movement speed and then freeze you. Mutated zombies explode on death dealing great damage. It also applies the poison effect. So, you have to be careful in all missions. 

MOD Version of Dead Zombie Shooter

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Gold ( install ver. 23.8, then apply updates from later patch )
3. God Mode
4. Drone View
5. Unlocked All VIPs
6. Unlocked All Battle Passes

Unlimited Gold – Gold is the premium in-game currency that is so hard to collect. But you are getting unlimited gold in this version. You can spend as much gold as you want, and buy as many supplies as you like, you will never run out of gold. 

God Mode – It makes you immortal. You will not lose any HP no matter how much damage you receive. 

Unlocked All VIPs – The official game has two VIPs that you can buy using real money. The benefit of having a VIP is that you will get more cash bonuses on levels, more daily rewards, and more maximum stamina capacity. These benefits are double in the S-VIP. In this version, both of these VIPs are unlocked for free. 

Unlocked All Battle Passes – This game has three types of battle passes – Recruit, Elite & Commander. Elite and Commander passes are paid features that contain premium rewards such as premium weapons & skins. These battle passes are also unlocked in this version. So, you don’t have to spend your money on the game. You can enjoy them for free of cost.

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