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Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile MOD APK v23.14.1 [One Hit, Always Your Turn]

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Name Dragon City Mobile
Category Simulation
Size 244M
Version 23.14.1
Publisher Social Point
MOD Features Always Your Turn/One Hit
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If you love dragons then no wonder you will also love this game. This is a game where you can actually play with your dragons, hatch them, breed them, and make a perfect Dragon City of your own. So, what does it takes to make the best City of dragons? Well, patience.

Dragon City Mobile is a simulation game offered by Social Point. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. This game has massive downloads because of its fun gameplay and mechanics of breeding and hatching dragons.

About Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile is a kids-friendly game where you found yourself in the beautiful world of dragons. The game teaches you to hatch dragon eggs, place habitats, and breed dragons to make beautiful new species. Keep reading this article to get more information about this game.

Build A City of Dragons

The game starts with only one main purpose, to build the best Dragon City. And to do that, you will have to spend a lot of time buying dragons, building habitats, and various buildings including the Food Farm, Dragon Roost, Ultra Breeding, and so many more. There are so many types of Habitats available such as Terra Habitat, Flame Habitat, Electric Habitat, and many more. If you buy a habitat, it gives you a lot of options to take control such as you can upgrade the Habitat to increase the dragons capacity it can hold, and the maximum gold it can provide, and it also helps to increase the player’s experience which later helps in leveling up the player level.

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Dragon City Mobile

Building Habitats gives you gold and there is a limit that how much gold it can store. To increase the limit, you need to upgrade your habitat. Also, you can tap on the info icon to know all the information about the specific habitat. Players can also sell their dragons, habitats, and all type of buildings. There is a new building in this game which is “The Greenhouse Building”, it can help you generate the food automatically. But new players can not unlock it as it requires level 9. There is so much to explore in this game, there are unique locations and fun.

When you unlock, build, upgrade any building, hatch new eggs, and breed new dragons, all these give you experience and it will help you to upgrade your player level. Once your level is up, you will be able to unlock more things and even you can play with your friends. Also, leveling up gives you gems and unlocks new buildings in the shop. For example, when I upgraded to level 8, I got the Big Food Farm unlocked and I received one gem from the wizard.

2000+ Dragons in the City

Speaking of the best part of this game, Dragons! In this game, you can find 100+ dragons and you can breed them to collect 2000+ unique dragons with different abilities and styles. See, all the dragons are different, for example, we have the Baker Dragon which is famous for baking cakes for the Dragon City’s Anniversary. Also, speaking of the more friendly dragon, the Sea Dragon, it has a common rarity, and it looks like a dolphin. Breeding unique dragons will help you to unlock new species of dragons with unique powers and temperaments. They breed in the cave and it takes time.

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Dragon City Mobile

If you hatch a dragon egg and you don’t have the specific habitat for that kind of dragon, you won’t be able to place the dragon as there are unique habitats for unique dragons. So, make sure you have the habitat building for your newest dragon.

Make Great Dragon Collection

It offers players to collect dragons and help or take care of them in their habitats. You can collect and breed as many as 2000+ dragons in this game. All the dragons are amazing and have unique abilities and they will help you in PVP battles, completing quests, and much more.

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Dragon City Mobile

You will find the Tree of Life which connects many different dimensions. So many dragons live there. And we can summon them in our world with the help of magical orbs. So, players can collect magic orbs to summon powerful dragons. The first summoned dragon for every Dragon City Mobile player is the “Friendship Dragon”.

Unlock Various Locations

The important thing to know about Dragon City Mobile is that there are different dragons in different locations. And the world is huge as there are 10+ unique locations to unlock. Also, you can find unique dragons there. The game also has caged dragons in all the locations. You can unlock them with the gems and you can save your precious dragons and add them to your collection for further breeding. In all the locations, you can find empty spaces which are available for buying, you can buy those spaces to get enough space for your buildings.

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Dragon City Mobile

Player vs Player Battles

In Dragon City Mobile, you can choose to battle as well. You can participate in challenges, quests, arena battles, and leagues. You can choose your dragons to join the battle. It’s simple, make sure you have all your dragons as you need three of them in a PVP battle. Don’t forget about the breeding thing, and just use your dragon ability properly.

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Dragon City Mobile

If you wish to play Dragon City Mobile with your friend and join him in a friendly battle, you can. You can also participate in challenges that work globally and with friends. Also, this game offers you to visit top players’ homes where you can check out their dragons and buildings. Dragon City Mobile is such a beautiful game with relaxing music.

MOD Info

One Hit: You can always one-hit & defeat the opponent.

Always Your Turn: It’s always your turn when you participate in the PVP battles but this feature can ban your account.

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