Empire Takeover
Empire Takeover

Empire Takeover v2.6.0 MOD APK (Damage, God Mode, Speed)

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Name Empire Takeover
Category Strategy
Size 127M
Version 2.6.0
Publisher SkyDragon Games
MOD Features Damage, God Mode, Speed
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Empire Takeover is a strategy game offered by SkyDragon Games with five million downloads & 4.6 rating on the Play Store. It has multiple PvE & PvP game modes, clan functionality, a huge world map, and different types of legion units & heroes to command in battles. Show your skills & strategies in battles and take over the enemy’s territories. 

Connect, Build, Battle & Takeover Towers

Empire Takeover MOD APK (1)
Empire Takeover MOD APK (1)

It comes with simple gameplay & controls. All you have to do is tap on the red territories displayed on the map, take over them, and expand your empire. In the battle, there will be multiple towers of different types & colors. You have to command your legion units from blue towers to attack other towers simply by connecting them. The units will move toward the swiping direction. 

Empire Takeover MOD APK (2)
Empire Takeover MOD APK (2)

Each tower has a level, max up to 50. When your units enter that tower,  the tower’s level will drop by one for each unit. Once it drops to zero, it will convert into a blue tower. Likewise, send your units to all other towers, and convert them into your blue towers to win the battle. On winning the battle, the territory will be added to your empire. 

Create Your Alliance & Invite Your Friends

Empire Takeover MOD APK (3)
Empire Takeover MOD APK (3)

You can create your alliance in the game in which you can invite other real players and your friends. You can chat with each other, send reinforcement, and attack enemy bases together. The units in your alliance tower will also protect your base when someone raids your base. You can help your allies in completing certain tasks. And as a reward, you will get alliance coins that you can use to buy items from the alliance shop. 

Recruit Mythics Heroes

Empire Takeover MOD APK (4)
Empire Takeover MOD APK (4)

In this game, there are more than 30 epic & mythical heroes who command the legion units in battles. Each hero has some unique skills that enhance the units’ attributes and inspire them for the battle. They also increase the total capacity of units you can take in a battle. Without heroes, you can not attack others on the world map. 

MOD Version of Empire Takeover

  • Custom damage
  • God mode
  • Game speed

God Mode – Enable the God Mode to turn all your legion units & heroes into immortals. That way, they will not die in a battle no matter the damage they receive. 

Damage Multiplier – You can enter up to 9999 values in the damage multiplier that multiplies all your units’ damage by the entered number. 

Game Speed – It will increase the game’s base speed which results in quick upgrades & training of buildings & units respectively. You won’t have to wait longer with this feature enabled. 


How many game modes are available in the Empire Takeover?

It has a campaign, stage maker mode, peace mode, mini-game center, and multiplayer mode. 

What is the stage-maker mode?

It’s a game mode where you can design your unique levels and share them with your friends & the world. 

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