Godzilla Defense Force
Godzilla Defense Force

Godzilla Defense Force v2.3.16 MOD APK (Unlimited All Resources)

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Name Godzilla Defense Force
Category Strategy
Size 112M
Version 2.3.16
Publisher NEXON Company
MOD Features Unlimited All Resources
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Godzilla Defense Force is a fantastic strategy-based game. In this game, you have to defend your city from the Monsters rising from the sea. This amazing game is developed by the team of Nexon company. This is an idle clicker game with nothing to do. So it is a very easy-to-play game and you can enjoy it without taking stress on your mind. If you are ready to build up a new strategy when you can get this game then you can try it.

About Godzilla Defense Force

Godzilla Defense Force 1

The game is all about a Tower Defense system and you have to make a strategy to Defense your city from the Monsters. You have to become capable of that by developing the skills. The monsters are very powerful so be quick.


Godzilla Defense Force 2

This game is about the Defense of your city from the attack of Monsters. The most dangerous monster in this game is known as Kaiju. Humans cannot fight with them if they don’t have good weapons and strategies. Now you are the commander of the Army and it’s your job to guard your innocent citizens against their menace. By defeating all of these monsters you have to collect Monster cards and they can be used as skills for your defense.


Godzilla Defense Force 3

This game is very easy to play and everyone can enjoy it. Anyone who is having a good mind and can be built a good strategy can enjoy this game. Your task is only to tap on the screen continuously till then the monsters are alive. And nothing more to do with this game. Just tap on your screen continuously and collect all the monster cards to increase your skill. You can upgrade the headquarters only from where your Army gets out to attack Monsters.

Collect Monster Cards

As you read the name of this game starts with Godzilla. Your enemy is the Monsters that are from 29 different movies. And if you are a great fan of Godzilla movies then you can play this game because all the Monsters you found here are the same. There is nothing different in them and you have to collect as many of their cards so that you can use them in the defense against them.

Protect Your Innocent Citizens

Godzilla Defense Force 4

You are playing the role of commander of your city and it’s your duty to protect the innocent citizens from this danger. You have to build a strong strategy to kill all the monsters as Quick As Possible. They are not able to impact your city if you get successful with your strategy. Just upgrade your headquarter and tap on your screen as much as you can. You can become a superhero because the life of the citizens is in your hand now.

Many Cities To Go

Godzilla Defense Force 5

In the starting, you have to defend the city of Tokyo because the Monsters attack Tokyo at the first. If you get successful and save the city. Then the Monsters will go ahead and there are a lot of cities where you have to do the same. The next cities on which the Monsters can attack are London and Sydney. So be prepared every time because they can attack anytime.

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