Heroes Legend - Epic Fantasy
Heroes Legend - Epic Fantasy

Heroes Legend v2.8.4 MOD APK (Menu/Auto Win)

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Name Heroes Legend - Epic Fantasy
Category Casual
Size 129M
Version 2.8.4
Publisher MGIF
MOD Features Menu, Auto-Win
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Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy offered by MGIF and having more than a million downloads on the Play Store is a role-playing game where you will summon heroes and create a team of 5 unique heroes to fight against the dark forces to save the world. It also features PvP modes & guilds to play with & against real players from around the world. 


Heroes Legend MOD APK (1)
Heroes Legend MOD APK (1)

In this game, you will face many types of enemies threatening humankind. To stop them, you will have to create your squad of 5 heroes. In the battles, you will fight against them in multiple waves of 5 enemies. Your heroes will automatically attack them. You can use their skills manually or set them to auto-cast. But it will require mana to use skills. Mana replenishes over time. Killing an enemy also grants you a huge amount of mana. 

Heroes Legend MOD APK (2)
Heroes Legend MOD APK (2)

Enemies will drop chests and gold when defeated. In the last wave, you will also face a boss. On defeating all the waves and the boss, you will win the battle. From the obtained chests, you will get several rewards such as EXP potions, raid scrolls, equipment, hero shards, etc. If none of your heroes are defeated in the battle, then you will get three stars on that level. 

Multiple Ways to Make Your Heroes Stronger

Heroes Legend MOD APK (3)
Heroes Legend MOD APK (3)

It includes 90+ unique heroes of different factions, each having a unique set of skills. You can create countless unique squads depending on their factions, skills, and roles. After creating the squad, the most important task is to train your heroes and make them stronger. There are three ways to do that in this game – Level upgrade, Equipment Fusion, and Promotion to a Higher Star Level. The promotion gives a great boost to the hero’s base stats. Equipment fusion unlocks their new skills. And upgrading their levels increases their various attributes like attack power, HP, critical damage, and critical chance. 

Compete Against Real Players in PvP Arena

Heroes Legend MOD APK (4)
Heroes Legend MOD APK (4)

In the PvP Arena mode, you can challenge real players and battle against their hero squads. The battles will be in asynchronous mode. When you defeat a player, you will be placed on his ranking in the leaderboard. And at the end of the day, you will receive amazing rewards depending on your ranking. The higher the ranking, the higher the rewards. 

MOD Version of Heroes Legend

  • MOD Menu

Auto Win – It’s a toggleable feature. You can activate it from the menu. When activated, you will be the winner of every battle. 


What is the mercenary camp in this game?

In the mercenary camp, you can dispatch your heroes. They will acquire gold over time. Also, guildmates can hire your dispatched hero to use in their battles. 

Do I need to root my device to install this APK?

No. It doesn’t require a rooted device for its installation. You can install it normally on any non-rooted device. 

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