Lensa: Avatar Maker, Editor
Lensa: Avatar Maker, Editor

Lensa v4.5.13+768 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Name Lensa: Avatar Maker, Editor
Category Photography
Size 50M
Version 4.5.13+768
Publisher Prisma Labs, Inc.
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Hello, guys. Get ready to edit your pics & selfies with the AI-powered features of the Lensa: Photo enhancer & editor. Now, you can perfect your selfies, add depth to your portrait photos, and change the background in a single click. Unleash your creativity with your stunning pics and share them with your friends on social apps.

What does Lensa Do?

Lensa is a mind-blowing photo editing app that allows users to edit their selfies & pictures and provides AI-powered editing tools for that purpose. Its HSL editor gives them more control over the colors. Background changer automatically detects the background & lets them change it with a single tap.

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Lensa MOD APK (1)
Lensa MOD APK (1)

Lensa is a photography & photo editor application offered by Prisma Labs, Inc. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store and is at #1 in the top-grossing photography apps. It offers hundreds of effects, filters, and art styles along with an AI-featured background changer, avatar maker, face editing tools, HSL editor, and advanced color editing tools.

Advanced Color Editing Tools

Most editing apps provide basic color editing tools and allow you to edit the color attributes of the whole pic. But it has AI-powered color editing tools. It detects the foreground and background of the pic and lets you change the color attributes of the whole pic or the selected part of the pic like the foreground or background. You can adjust the following – Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Vibrance, Sharpening, Fade, Vignette, Temperature, Tint, Shadows, and Highlights.

AI-Powered Face Tools

Lensa MOD APK (2)
Lensa MOD APK (2)

Everyone wants their selfies to be perfect with no acne, blemishes, or eye bags. This app features face tools that lets you finely tune your face. Its magic retouch feature automatically tunes your face, applies beauty filters, and removes all acne, dark circles, red eyes, etc. You can also manually adjust the intensities of its various features like eyelashes, eye contrast, eyebrows, lips, lens correction, etc. It also has tools to resize the face parts like lips, nose, cheekbones, cheeks, eyes, etc. Moreover, it provides 11 hair colors to change the color of your hair in your pic. 

Use HSL Editor to Edit Specific Colors

It also has the HSL editor. It detects all the primary colors used in the pic and shows them in a list. Then you can select any color to adjust its Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. You will have full control over the colors of the pics. It, too, supports HSL adjustment for the whole pic or only the foreground or background. 

Change or Blue Backgrounds with Single Tap

Lensa MOD APK (3)
Lensa MOD APK (3)

The first thing Lensa does when you import a pic is detecting its background & foreground. All that is left after that is for you to choose any background you like from its huge collection of amazing backgrounds. If you have a portrait photo and want to add more depth effect, you can use its blur mode. 

It also has a beautiful collection of skies. Any pic having the sky in the background will be even more epic with the northern lights, clouds, starry night, thunder clouds, rainbow, clear sky, sunset sky, and many more. You can also add bokeh light effects in your pics.

Convert Your Pics into Art Styles

Lensa MOD APK (4)
Lensa MOD APK (4)

Do you like arts, drawing, painting, oil painting, vintage, retro, or cartoon styles? If yes and you want to edit your pics in those styles & effects, you are lucky. Lensa offers multiple art styles. You can convert your pics into cartoons, dramatic art, vintage pics, etc. It also has After selecting the style, it gives you options to adjust the style intensity and segmentation & splitting options to apply the style to the selected part of the pic. Moreover, it also suggests backgrounds that suit best with the applied style. 

Useful FAQs

Can I use a custom image for the background?

Yes. You can use any image for the background. It has the option to import the pic from the gallery to use as a background.

Does it have an acne remover feature?

Yes. It has an acne remover feature as well as eye bags & red eyes remover, teeth whitener, and many other face refining tools. 

Can I apply the same editings to multiple photos?

Yes. You can copy all the edits applied in a photo from the menubar and then paste them into other photos. 

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