Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies
Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies

Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies v2.2.8 APK (Latest Version)

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Name Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies
Category Entertainment
Size 20M
Version 2.2.8
Publisher Devefy
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Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies is a new tracking app which allows users to manage their entertainment preferences efficiently. Users can create and monitor watchlists, mark watched content, and track episode progress. It is offered by Devefy and has not so many downloads (around 10K) on Google play store.

Moviefy’s calendar feature provides upcoming TV airing times, and users can sort their lists by various criteria. Additionally, the platform offers information on next airing dates, facilitates rating of movies and TV shows, and helps users keep tabs on multiple streaming providers, including HBO, Netflix, Disney, and others.

Entertainment is the part of our lives. Movies, TV Shows, Cartoon, Anime, Reality Shows, Drama Shows, National shows, and so much more. We all watch something we love and with advanced technology, these content are releasing every day. But if you want to track them, Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies is the best app for you.

Explore Movies and TV Shows

Moviefy: Tv shows & Movies is a very easy-to-use application. So you can easily use this app and track all the content such as your favorite movies. You will get a feature so that you can download your favorite content and watch them anytime. There is a lot of new content that will be updated with the new updates of this application.

It’s a streaming and entertainment app. It is a very popular app with a lot of channels, so you don’t get bored, and you get a lot of content to track. If you have this application on your smartphone, you can track all the content with the best audio and video quality.

Discover & Track Your Favorite TV Shows, Anime, Movies

Discover your favorite movies and series effortlessly with Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies. Easily search for films, series, and actors, and tailor your entertainment experience by filtering content based on genre, year, and user ratings. Dive deeper into related networks and genres to find hidden gems. Plus, enjoy a personalized touch with movies & TV shows recommendations.

Create Playlist and Manage Them

You can create playlist of you favorite content and manage them with this app. Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies lets you add movies, tv shows, anime, cartoons, kids content, and whatever you want to. You can create the playlist and enjoy them later with available services.

Get Statistics and Data Of Your Watchings

When you watch movies, tracks them on Moviefy: Track Shows & Movies. You will get the statistics data as well. You can also find the total time watched as you spend time in watching movies and tv shows. You can also know how many movies you have watched as well as your daily reports.

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