Rogue Hearts

Rogue Hearts v1.6.9 Mod Apk (Menu, High Damage, No Skill CD, Free Craft)

Rogue Hearts Mod APK is a real-time turned-based tactical strategy battle gameplay, and lots of weapons & skills, and countless strategies.

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4.8 ( 336 ratings )
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Name Rogue Hearts
Publisher Ninetail Games
Genre Role Playing
Size 158 MB
Version 1.6.9
MOD Menu, Instant Skill CD, Free Craft
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Rogue Hearts is the most famous version in the Rogue Hearts series of publisher Ninetail Games
Mod Version 1.6.9

Rogue Hearts is a combination of Role-Playing, Turned-based tactical Strategy, Action, and Rogue-like categories offered by Ninetail Games. It’s the #9 in the top paid role-playing games with a 4.1 rating out of 5. It features 100+ types of enemies, powerful bosses with unique skills & attack patterns, hundreds of weapons & gears to craft from materials and randomly generated dungeons. 

Description of Rogue Hearts

Rogue Hearts is a great game with real-time turned-based tactical strategy battle gameplay, and lots of weapons & unique skills to come up with countless strategies to beat your enemies. In the following sections, we have explained the game’s plot, the types of enemies you will face, and something more. Read them to know more about the game. 

Rogue Hearts MOD APK (1)
Rogue Hearts MOD APK (1)


The story is about the Kingdom of Aerenia where your father, Luxmo, is a proud knight of the Golden Lion Knights order. Everything was going great until Elvira, an evil-minded priest with the intention of ruling the Kingdom, joined forces with enemies & dark forces, and attacked the Kingdom. Everything fell into chaos. The Golden Lion Knights were defeated with a sudden cunning attack. The capital was captured by Elvira & the allied forces. Luxmo had no choice but to run away with his son, Rian. 

Rogue Hearts MOD APK (2)
Rogue Hearts MOD APK (2)

He was declared wanted by Elvira and was targeted by the Imperial soldiers of Allied forces. He bravely faced them, but after a long battle, was surrounded by Imperial soldiers. Then Conrad, a Sage & Luxmo’s friend, reached there and defeated all the enemies with his powerful magic. 

Rogue Hearts MOD APK (3)
Rogue Hearts MOD APK (3)

After that, Conrad decided to stay in the capital to protect Cordatus from the enemies and Luxmo decided to go to Monetia in Loulan, a safe place far away from the capital, and to reunite all the knights. Luxmo reunited all surviving knights and formed Greywolf Mercenaries to battle against Elvira & his allied forces to restore the Kingdom to its former glory & order. 

15 years passed since then. Now, you will play as Rias, the son of Luxmo and a member of Greywolf Mercenaries. Will you be able to help them in the battle against Elvia? Play the game and find out.

Various Types of Enemies & Bosses

Rogue Hearts MOD APK (4)
Rogue Hearts MOD APK (4)

There are more than 50 types of monsters & enemies in this game. For instance, there are goblins, slimes, orcs, trolls, golems, wolves, werewolves, lizardmen sorcerers, demons, etc. Each enemy has a unique attack pattern & skills. Bosses also have to charge skills that they use to accumulate energy to strengthen their next attack exponentially. It will be hard to defeat them. But you can learn their attack patterns & weakness. Each boss has some characteristics, weaknesses, and also immunities. You can avoid using the attacks & skills that they are immune against, and use the skills that take advantage of their weaknesses.

Challenge Other Players in a Duel

You can also challenge & battle against real players in a duel in the Colosseum Arena mode. You will have to use various tactics to win against them. For each victory, you will get points. And for losing, points will be deducted. At the end of the season, you will get rewards depending on your points. The higher the points, the greater the rewards. Are you good enough to challenge them? Try your luck.

MOD Version of Rogue Hearts

Paid Unlocked – Rogue Hearts is a paid game on the Google Play Store. But using this version, you can play this game for free. Also, every mode is unlocked. 

Critical Damage – When your character critically hits an enemy, it deals much higher damage than normal damage. But the rate of critical hits is so low that it takes multiple hits to deal critical damage again. However, enabling this feature will always result in critical hits. 

Gain More EXP – To equip weapons & gears of a certain level & rarity and unlock new crafts, your character must be at a certain level. But increasing the character’s level is not an easy task. Normal enemies give only a few EXP. Completing quests and defeating powerful bosses will reward you with high EXP, but it consumes a lot of time. So, to quickly gain EXP, you can turn on this feature. When turned on, you will get more EXP even from defeating a normal enemy. This way, you can easily level up your character and equip better weapons & gears. 

Instant Skill Cooldown – Skills are very helpful in every battle situation whether it’s for dealing ground damage, strengthening your defense, or escaping from a clutchy situation. But all skills have a high cooldown period. That’s why we have this feature. When it’s activated, all your skills will be cooldown instantly. You don’t have to wait to use the skills again.

Free & Max Level Crafting – To craft something, you will need gold and your character must be at a certain level, right? But with this feature, you can craft any item of any level for free, no matter the level of your character.

Useful FAQs

Does Rogue Hearts have a multiplayer mode?

Yes. It has multiplayer mode under the game mode name Colosseum in which you can challenge other real players for a duel. 

Where can I craft materials for weapons & armor?

You can craft materials for weapons & armor in the Miner Guild in Monetia using the resource.

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