Royal Match
Royal Match

Royal Match v19371 MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins)

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Name Royal Match
Category Puzzle
Size 187M
Version 19155
Publisher Dream Games Ltd.
MOD Features Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins
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Hello, friends. Today we are here with the Royal Match. It is a match-3 puzzle game offered by Dream Games, Ltd. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.6 rating out of 5 and is at #1 in the top-grossing puzzle games. It’s an offline game so you can play it anytime anywhere you want without an internet connection. 

Description of Royal Match

Royal Match MOD APK (1)
Royal Match MOD APK (1)

In this game, you will build a castle and renovate & decorate it for King Robert. It will give you tasks one by one like building a castle, planting flowers, installing glass, laying carpet, etc. To complete these tasks, you will need stars. And to earn the stars, you will play match-3 puzzle levels. 

On a level, you need to clear the given objectives such as matching a certain number of pieces, clearing all obstacles, collecting items, etc. Match 3 or more pieces of the same color to clear them from the board and achieve the given objectives. You will get a star and some coins for clearing each level. Coins are the basic in-game currencies, used to buy boosters & lives. If you want to skip some tasks or want to quickly decorate the areas, you can do so with ease with stars. 

Royal Match MOD APK (2)
Royal Match MOD APK (2)

There are so 67 areas in this game and each area has multiple tasks to renovate & decorate various places. When you complete all the tasks of an area, you will also get a chest containing amazing rewards. Keep earning stars to complete those tasks and proceed to the next areas. 

Create Powerful Power-ups

To progress the level quickly, you can create power-ups by matching more than 3 pieces of the same color. There are 4 types of power-ups having unique effects. You can either swipe them with adjacent pieces or tap them to trigger them in their place. These power-ups are as follows:

Propeller – Match 4 pieces of the same color in 2×2 tiles to create a propeller. Using it clears 4 adjacent pieces, then it flies to a random piece or obstacle and clears it (gives priority to the objective-related piece). 

Rocket – Matching 4 pieces in a row or column creates a rocket. And its direction matches your swipe direction. Triggering it will clear the entire row or column depending on its direction. 

TNT – Matching 4 pieces in T or L shape creates a TNT. And triggering it clears all pieces in the radius of 2 tiles.

Light Ball – Match 5 pieces in a row or column to create a light ball. Swiping it with an adjacent piece will clear all the pieces of the same color. 

Join Teams & Play with Your Friends

Royal Match MOD APK (3)
Royal Match MOD APK (3)

You can also create or join teams and invite your friends to play together. Team members can help each other by donating life if someone runs out of lives. There are also team events you can play against other teams and increase your team’s rank in the event leaderboard to earn amazing rewards. 

Save The King in Bonus Levels

Royal Match MOD APK (4)
Royal Match MOD APK (4)

There are also bonus levels. You can either play them for earning coins or skip them. In the bonus levels, the king will be trapped in some kind of life-threatening situation. You will have to save him by completing the objective within the given time. Or the king will die. You can retry the level too on failing. 

MOD Version of Royal Match

This version has many amazing features that allow you to play the game without worrying about anything. Take a look below. We have explained all the features.

Unlimited Coins – You don’t need to focus on collecting coins or worry about running out of lives.

Countless Stars – It also has unlimited stars.

Unlimited Boosters – You can use as many boosters as you want in the levels, and easily clear the levels. 

Royal Pass Activated – You can enjoy its benefits without spending a single penny from your pocket. 

Useful FAQs

How many areas are there in this game?

There are 67 areas to renovate & decorate in this game. The developers also release new levels every two weeks. 

What types of boosters does this game have?

It has four types of boosters.

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