youtubevanced SimCity BuildIt MOD APK v1.47.2.111661 (Unlimited SimCash)
SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK v1.47.2.111661 (Unlimited SimCash)

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK is a city-building game developed by Electronic Arts where you can play as a mayor and build your amazing city.

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Name SimCity BuildIt
Genre Simulation
Size 153 MB
MOD Unlimited SimCash, Simoleons
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SimCity BuildIt is the most famous version in the SimCity BuildIt series of publisher
Mod Version

SimCity BuildIt is an amazing simulation game with very sharp & detailed 3D graphics. Building the dream city gives the best experience to the players. It’s offered by ELECTRONIC ARTS. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Play as a Mayor, build your city, keep Sims happy, upgrade the city and make it the best city around.

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SimCity BuildIt APK Download

In this game, you will play as a new mayor and build your city from the scratch. You will build residential buildings for Sims, and other buildings to provide them every service to keep them healthy & happy. They will need water, electricity, & other supplies. So, you have to build a power plant, water tower, supplies store, and many other buildings depending on their needs. To build & upgrade buildings, you will need different types of resources like metal, wood, nails, bricks, etc. and that will require industrial buildings. Also, they must be connected to the city by roads or they can’t produce any materials.

Building & upgrading the residential buildings will increase the number of Sims and give your Simoleons & EXP. Exp is required to level up. On leveling up, new buildings, products & services unlock. Some items also require a certain number of Sims in the city. 

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Download

Each Sim in the city loves & hates some things. You have to consider their feelings. For instance, if someone doesn’t like living new industry, then move the industry away from their house. It will make him happy. And happy Sims pays more tax. 

Club Wars

There are clubs in the game players can join and play with other players & their friends. They can chat with each other, help them & play club wars. In the club wars, they can start a war with other clubs. The war will last for 2 days. The first day will be the preparation day and the second will be the attack day.

SimCity BuildIt Mod for Android

On the preparation day, they can decide their strategies like who will attack who & which attack card to use. To use an attack card, one will need a certain number of war cards & items. If they don’t have war cards, they can use golden or platinum keys to buy war cards. You can also use boosters to assist your friends or deal more damage to the enemy cities.

The club that deals more damage to the opponent will win the war. On winning the war, they will get rewards such as platinum keys, SimCash & WarSimoleons. Currently, there are 6 war ranks or leagues in the game – Mountainous Mayhem, Desert of Destruction, Frosty Tundra, Savannah, Volcanic Rush & City in the Sky. Win clubs wars to increase your league. The higher the league, the more the rewards.

SimCity BuildIt Latest

In-Game Currencies

Simoleons are the basic in-game currency in the SimCity BuildIt. It is used to buy commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and all the services Sims will need like power, water, hospital, education, transportation, etc. Almost everything is available in the Simoleons in this game. You can earn simoleons by building residential buildings & upgrading them and from the city hall as tax.

SimCash is the premium in-game currency of SimCity BuildIt. You can use it to finish any production instantly and buy any items. You can also buy Simoleons using SimCash. But collecting SimCash is not easy. You can get SimCash only by completing the achievements.

SimCity BuildIt Android

NeoSimoleons is another type of currency that you get after reaching level 30 and unlocking the Neomall. You can get NeoSimoleons from the OMEGA buildings.

There are many special buildings like grade school, public library, high school, community, bus terminal, airship hanger, etc. You will need golden keys to construct these buildings. But to earn golden keys, you have to complete shipments and disaster challenges.

Platinum keys are rarer than the golden keys and are used to buy the buildings that unlock after the golden key buildings such as University Rowing Center, OMEGA University, Giralda, Tokyo Tower, Willis Tower, etc. You can use them to buy disaster cards. To earn the platinum keys, you have to play club wars, monster trouble, and contest of mayor.

MOD Version of SimCity BuildIt

It comes with many amazing features that let you build your unique city. Take a look at these amazing features I’m talking about:

Unlimited Simoleons, SimCash & NeoSimoleons – You can buy any building without worrying about its price. 

Unlimited Golden & Platinum Keys – Constructing special buildings is easy now.

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Useful FAQs

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and completely safe to use.

How to remove any building from the map?

To remove any building, tap & hold on to it. Then you will see a bulldozer icon on the right side of the screen. Tap it. It will remove the building. 

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