Spaceflight Simulator
Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator Mod APK v1.59.15 [Unlocked All Content]

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Name Spaceflight Simulator
Category Simulation
Size 112M
Version 1.59.15
Publisher Stefo Mai Morojna
MOD Features Unlocked All Content
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Have you ever dreamed of going into space? If yes, you can complete your dream with this Spaceflight Simulator game. In this game, you will get added purchase discounts, and also offers you a 3X physics time warp. It will also for you to add Space Center to Classic mode.

Description of Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator
Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator is an amazing game where you can enjoy a journey and adventure in the space centers. This game is developed by the theme of Stefo Mia Morojna.  Here in this game, you have to create Rockets on your own and explore all the planets and the moon. You can give your model name to your spaceship. It offers you very good graphics and it will help you to develop your creativity.


Spaceflight Simulator2
Spaceflight Simulator2

In this game, you must first build a rocket. All types of equipment are available. But before it becomes a symbol, you need to know which part you are using and where it will work. Being able to build a rocket successfully is, after all, the best part of this game. Because if you can’t, you can move on. After completing this course, you will have to explore not only the moon but also other planets. The process to get there and back from this planet is pretty much the same.

Let’s talk about the time we want to go to the moon. Now we need to start the engine and launch the rocket. Then, in the left corner, the function of the corner is displayed. Then you need to click on the map at the top of the corner feature. Then another view is shown where we can see the areas of our space.

Then in the right corner, you can see the altitude function and when you reach 1000 altitude you can change the angle of the rocket. Now when you zoom out and click on the moon you will see an arrow showing the direction.

Become a Pro Pilot

Spaceflight Simulator3
Spaceflight Simulator3

Once you reach the lunar realm, you can adjust the rocket’s speed as well as turn the engines on and off to conserve fuel. When you get to the surface next to the moon you’ll need to make sure your speed is very good because it’s faster than going up, but you’ll need to lower the rocket. You can now spread the rocket’s landing legs and slowly land on the lunar surface.

It’s time to return to Earth. This is a very simple process, but it can take some time. Zoom out to see Earth. Then you can transfer Earth to me. Then click on the floor to reveal navigation options. Just click. After that, an arrow will show the direction. You can follow the same process as when going to the moon.

Enjoy the Open universe And Planets

Spaceflight Simulator4
Spaceflight Simulator4

Here you will get an open universe after you take off in your rocket. If you see anything on the map you can land there. There is no restriction over there there will be no limits so you can enjoy it anywhere. These are the current planets and Moon here, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Phobos, And Deimos. Before landing on any of these you should know about the atmosphere and gravity of these planets.

Understand Rocket Science In A Better Way

Almost all of us know that there is physics behind the rocket takeoff and when it is in space. In this game, you will understand completely accurate Physics that works. Because you have to take care of everything every time when you launch your rocket and when you land on any other surface. If you do not understand the science behind that then your rocket can fail and can blast anytime.

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