Spotify Premium
Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium v8.10.9.722 MOD APK (Final, Unlocked, Amoled)

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Name Spotify Premium
Category Music & Audio
Size 75M
Publisher Spotify AB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked, Ad-free
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We all know there are millions of people that love music. So, listening to it is Everything and having the Spotify app means a lot to many of us. It is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world. With millions of songs & podcasts, it is currently the only app you will ever need if you have a hobby of listening to music, like me.

Explore Spotify

Explore all the features you can find in this app. No wonder, it’s one of my favorite apps so far for listening to music and podcasts, let’s talk about it.

Find the Right Music & Podcast

With a fresh mood, things become easier. To sort it out, so many of us need some music in our daily life and Spotify works like that. On this app, you can find the right music or podcast for any situation. Want to relax or study in peace, like this, there are hundreds of activities, like Gym, Traveling, Gaming, Romance, Heart-Break, and Spotify got you. Speaking of Podcasts, there are so many of them, for example, self-love lessons, fantasy, justice, etc., etc. You will love them.

Manage Your Library

Spotify has a library option where one can access all their favorite songs, artists, albums, podcasts, playlists, and their liked songs. The interface is simple and easy to understand, even kids can use it easily. Users can create custom libraries and add songs.

Browse Artists, Songs, and Podcasts

Another amazing feature Spotify provides is this browsing option where you can search for your favorite songs. You can find various genres, podcasts, and new releases songs, and find all the songs according to your mood.

Spotify Premium Plans & Pricing

There are various plans and pricing for Spotify. The premium plan includes many features including “offline music play”, “ad-free music”, “downloading support”, “unlimited shuffle”, and many more! Check the following block for more.

Spotify PlansPricing
Spotify Free₹0/month
Spotify Premium (Individual)₹119/month
Spotify Premium (Duo)₹149/month
Spotify Premium (Family)₹179/month
Spotify Premium (Student)₹66/One-Time

MOD Version of Spotify

Unlimited Skips

Users can enjoy the unlimited skips option. This means you can skip thousand of songs without any issues. In the free version, there are just six skips.

No Ads

It has no ads. It is coded beautifully to help users save up money and provide ad-free song-play.

Download Songs

Download your favorite songs for free.

Shuffle Play

You can play all the songs in a randomized order which is super-cool as it brings our old favorite songs which are hidden in the list.

High-Quality Sound

Play music at the highest quality possible which is 320 Kbps.

Spotify MOD Info

  • Unlocked Next Track
  • Unlocked Pevious Track
  • Unlocked Seeking FWD/BWD
  • Unlocked/Able to Select Any Songs & Albums
  • Unlocked Repeat Once/All
  • Unlocked Shuffle
  • Disabled Force Shuffle
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect (Premium Bypass)
  • Unlocked On-Demand Sharing
  • Unlocked Canvas Sharing
  • Unlocked Voice Feature
  • Unlocked Volume Control
  • Unlocked Animated Heart
  • Unlocked Lyrics Sharing (Works only in supported countries)
  • Unlocked Storylines
  • Unlocked Sing-along (Works only in supported countries)
  • Unlocked User Playlist Annotation (New Feature)
  • Unlocked Follow Feed
  • Unlocked Editorial Mode
  • Unlocked Full Screen Stories
  • Unlocked Facebook Login
  • Removed All ADS
  • Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi
  • Original package signature changed

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