Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor

Super Sus v1.49.26.131 MOD APK (Menu, Vote Out, Drone View)

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Name Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Category Strategy
Size 145M
Publisher PIProductions
MOD Features Menu, Vote Out, Drone View
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Remember the thrilling social deduction & strategy game where you sussed out imposters on a spaceship? Get ready, because Super Sus takes that experience to a whole new level! Think Among Us meets Werewolf and Squid Game, all in a glorious 3D spaceship setting. This 3D mobile game throws you into a hilarious and suspenseful world where teamwork, deduction, and maybe a little bit of betrayal are key to survival.


In Super Sus, an asymmetrical battle arena & strategy game with Among Us vibes, you and 9 real players become spaceship crewmates facing sabotage and murder. Among you hide Impostors who must kill everyone before completing tasks, all while Crewmates aim to expose and eject them. 20+ unique roles like Engineers, Sheriffs, and even Traitors add twists, with each possessing special skills to aid their faction. Crewmates complete tasks to keep the ship running, use deduction and cunning to identify Impostors, and hold tense emergency meetings to discuss suspicions and vote them out. Impostors can blend in, lie, and sabotage, while Neutrals pursue their own agendas. 

Factions & Roles

Super Sus boasts a wide range of character roles, with options for factions Crewmates, Impostors, and Neutrals, each offering unique abilities and challenges. Here’s the explanation of these characters & roles:


Sheriff – Can shoot and kill suspected Impostors (but risks killing Crewmates if wrong).

Detective – Investigates players to reveal if they’re Impostor or Crewmate.

Seer – Peels through walls to see another player’s role at night.

Doctor – Heals other Crewmates, preventing their elimination.

Agent – Tracks the movement of other players, revealing their recent locations.

Engineer – Repairs sabotages and fixes doors, hindering Impostors.

Guardian – Protects a chosen Crewmate from being killed at night.

Hacker – Disables Impostor abilities for a short time.

Mayor – Gains extra votes during meetings, influencing decision-making.

Survivor – Has extra lives, making them harder to eliminate.


Classic – Standard Impostors focused on killing Crewmates and sabotaging tasks.

Deceptive – These Impostors manipulate appearances and information:

Chameleon – Changes appearance to mimic other players.

Hypnotist – Controls another player’s actions for a limited time.

Janitor – Cleans bodies, hiding evidence of their kills.

Arsonist – Sets fires throughout the map, damaging Crewmates and tasks.

Dementor – Drives other players insane, making them vote erratically.

Bounty Hunter – Earns rewards for eliminating specific Crewmates.


These roles add more conspiracy and unpredictable twists to the game, as their goals often lie outside the Crewmate vs. Impostor struggle.

Survivor – Their sole aim is to stay alive until the end, regardless of which faction wins. They have extra lives and a shield to help them achieve this.

Ghost – Eliminated players who become Ghosts can possess Crewmates to delay their tasks or spread misinformation.

Jester – Their goal is to get voted out during an emergency meeting, winning if they achieve this “tragic” feat.

Arsonists – While not strictly neutral, they prioritize setting fires over aligning with either side. They win by burning enough players or structures.

Joker – Creates chaos and confusion, often benefiting from sowing conflict among both Crewmates and Impostors. They win if either side achieves victory.

Conjurer – Can resurrect eliminated players as Ghosts which can influence the game’s outcome.

Undertaker – Gains rewards for collecting bodies, introducing an alternative objective alongside Crewmate/Impostor tasks.

Hypnotist – Can take control of another player’s actions for a short time, potentially affecting meetings or sabotaging tasks.

Puppeteer – Can secretly control puppets to perform actions, adding another layer of deceit and mind games.

These are just a few examples, and the list of Neutrals in Super Sus continues to grow with updates and additional content.

Some Useful Tips for Super Sus – Who is Imposter

Being a crewmate in Super Sus can be tricky, but with the right strategies, you can expose those sneaky impostors and secure victory for your team! Here are some tips to help you out:

Complete your tasks –  Don’t neglect your tasks! Completing them not only helps the team win but also gives you something to do while observing others.

Stick with the group – Safety in numbers! Avoid being alone, especially in isolated areas. There’s strength in unity against the impostors.

Double-check completions – If you see someone complete a task, watch for the green checkmark to confirm it’s legit. Impostors can fake animations.

Strategize your votes – If you’re unsure, consider voting to skip to avoid accidentally helping the impostors.

Best Alternatives for Super Sus

If you’re looking for some fresh thrills beyond Super Sus, here are some star alternatives:

Among Us – The OG of the genre, Among Us remains a classic for a reason. Its simple yet addictive gameplay, charming art style, and endless maps and customization options keep players coming back for more. 

Goose Goose Duck – This feathery free-for-all throws a fresh twist on the formula with a larger selection of roles, interesting maps, and hilarious voice chat. Plus, who can resist playing as an adorable goose? 

Werewolf – Another classic social deduction game. In Werewolf, players are secretly assigned roles as either werewolves or villagers. The goal of the werewolves is to kill all of the villagers, while the goal of the villagers is to figure out who the werewolves are and eliminate them. 


What are some strategies for playing as an Impostor?

You can blend in with Crewmates, complete fake tasks, frame others, use sabotage strategically, and be unpredictable to avoid suspicion.

What are some mistakes Impostors commonly make?

Killing too early, acting suspiciously, neglecting tasks, being inconsistent in alibis, and arguing too much during meetings are some common mistakes.

How can I improve my deduction skills as a Crewmate?

You can pay attention to player behavior, track who finishes tasks and when, analyze alibis during meetings, and use special roles like Sheriff and Detective effectively.

What are the different Neutral roles and their goals?

Neutrals include roles like Ghost, Joker, Conjurer, Hypnotist, etc., each with their win conditions and abilities that add complexity to the game.

Super Sus MOD APK Features

  • MOD Menu
  • Vote Out
  • Pass Through Walls
  • Can Fly
  • Drone View Maps (0-400)
  • High Speed (0-100)
  • Show Light Player
  • Show Invisible Player, Outline Player,
  • Can See Ghost Mode Player, Player Die,
  • Show Color

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