v2.4.2 MOD APK (Defense Multiplier, XP Boost, No Reload)

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ID com.dxx.firenow
Category Adventure
Size 932M
Version 2.4.2
Publisher Habby
MOD Features Defense Multiplier, XP Boost, No Reload
Requires android Android 4.4 and up expand_more
android Android 4.4 and up
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by MODPAPA.COM
check_circle Official file from Google Play
check_circle No malware & malicious ads
check_circle Positive feedback from the community
drag_handle is a massive zombie game for mobile devices. It’s like a zombie apocalypse and you are the online survivor where you need to kill all the zombies, zombie bosses, and so many types of zombies all alone but that’s not enough as the wave are coming again & again. Survive as long as you can to beat all the challenges with rare items that will help you throughout this survival journey.

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Shoot, Kill, and Slay Zombies is a survival & adventure game for mobile devices. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms for free. This game is offered by Habby and it has 100 Million+ downloads. The reason is that it’s really an enjoyable zombie game where you just need to shoot, kill, and slay all the zombies that come your way. With the help of powerful items and tools, you will love to kill zombies.

Fight Zombie Hordes Mod APK Mod APK is an addicting game where you will face a lot of challenges as the zombie hordes will exceed and outnumber you. Well, many people want games to be as hard as they can so let’s do it, play and enjoy this challenge. Make sure you do the perfect combination of your weapons and equipment to beat the levels in

Slay Hundreds of Zombie Waves Mod APK_result Mod APK_result is a zombie-slaying & survival game where you have to survive hundreds of zombie waves. Keep fighting and pick unique items to make the game easier. Take care of your health as well, and keep looking for foot items as you will need them. There are around 60+ stages to slay and there are 1000+ unique monsters, zombies, and bosses waiting for you.

Defeat Zombie Bosses Mod APK3_result Mod APK3_result

Speaking of zombies game but not the zombie bosses? Well, that’s not fair. In, you will face unique zombie bosses and dangerous ones too. As there are so many stages, you will find so many bosses too. Make sure you have all the skins, combos, perfect slots, weapons, etc. to defeat the bosses. Also, killing zombie bosses will grant you with so many rare items as well as slots too. And, after killing the boss, the stages will be harder, so good luck.

Choose Various Skill Combos Mod APK2_result Mod APK2_result

As you survive the zombies, your progress will be upgraded and a further new type of zombie will arrive, for that, you will need skill combos. These skills can be equipped after collecting blue diamonds by killing zombies or just picking them from the ground. Once the blue line is filled with diamonds, you will be able to pick a skill. There are hundreds of skills in such as getting a gun, kunai, bomb, robot, thunderstrike, Molotov, and hundreds of such things which will help you in killing zombies. So, pick them wisely, so only you will be able to beat the levels.

Player Evolution & Upgrades Mod APK4_result Mod APK4_result

It’s another great feature of There are unlimited options for upgrading your player. As long as you beat stages, you will access these evolution options. In this tab, you can upgrade your player’s stats & ability to survive the zombie hordes. But these features are only limited to your stage level as they will be locked unless you beat those stages. For example, you can upgrade your player’s health, and defense, or why not let them start with a weapon from the start? There are so many upgrades available to choose from.

Amazing Slots Options Mod APK5_result Mod APK5_result

When you kill a zombie boss, you will get amazing slots where you can find multiple epic items that will help you in killing zombie hordes and unlimited waves without any issues. So, enjoy using these slots and fill them with perfect items for your stage & types of zombies.

One-Hand Controls

For players who love one-hand games, that’s great because is a one-hand game. You can beat the entire game with just one hand. The controls are pretty simple because all you have to do to survive is to move your thumb or finger to the safest place possible as the area is filled with zombies.

100+ Detailed Items to Use offers hundreds of items that help you in this zombie world. You can find the details of all the items as well. It’s such as great feature & helps us to understand the true meaning of any weapon or item. MOD Features

1. EXP x1-100
2. Infinite magnet //enable before enter battle
3. Godmode
4. Loot x1-10 //high risk
5. Damage x1-50
6. Freezed XP

NOTE: Support Arm64 Only , Recommend Nox 9 64bit or LDPLAYER 9 64bit to play on PC.

What’s new

  • Added 10 new chapters and their challenge chapters
  • All-new Daily Challenge feature
  • Newly added Tech Parts feature
  • All-new talent: Metabolism Boost
  • Newly added equipment quality-down feature
  • Newly added Daily Sign-in and Rookie Reporting events
  • The Autumn Leaves event is about to begin!
  • Optimizations: Added joystick toggle and in-battle VFX reduction toggle

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