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Name Tasty Town
Category Casual
Size 180M
Version 1.19.11
Publisher Zynga
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If you all want to try an amazing simulator game where you can build up your own restaurant and cook some special dishes for all around the globe then here is Tasty Town. Build up your own restaurant within your village and Grow your own farm to produce the vegetables you need. This application has more than 1 Million downloads on the Google play store.

Description Of Tasty Town

In this Tasty Town, you can build your own great restaurant within your village. Also, you have to serve various and the best quality food to all over the world. Collect multiple chefs from the globe and train them under you to give the best of you all. This game is fulfilled with various features. Time management is the key to getting on top of your restaurant. You have to serve the best food to your customers within the time. Also, the international chefs will work for your cooking section then you don’t have to worry about that. Keep your farm ready and producing to make the perfect dishes at all times.

Collect Various Chefs

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Get gather the various chefs from the world. Besides, you have to pick them by the best conditions of them. You have to get the best chefs for your restaurants, because if you get the best team of your chefs then you can easily get on top with your restaurants. You can buy these chefs from the shop of this game. Even these chefs are settled as per their abilities and if you spend your in-game money to purchase them then you will get the best qualities of chefs within this game.

Grow Vegetables

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On the behalf of, you have to grow pure and fresh vegetables on your farm. For the first time, you will get the primary level vegetables that you need. You can also buy the slots of vegetables from the shop. Also, you can grow your own farms in large quantities. Basically, you have to take care of your farm by watching your restaurants as well. Don’t worry, because you will get helpers on both sides. The only thing is, you have to guide them perfectly. So that, you will never get lost the destination of your dream. Grow the best vegetables on your farm so that you will get the best food for your customer.

Complete Order Missions

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This feature will help you how to complete your missions or tasks in this game. You have to serve the best quality of food to your customers which means you have to take orders from the customers. As you get the best orders from the customer and you will complete them, then your restaurant will grow as fast well. You will get the best level points as you complete your tasks from this game. These will be very simple tasks for everyone. You can easily grow your restaurant with these levels.

Best Quality Of Graphics & Sound

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On the other hand, this game will provide you with all the best quality of graphics and sound within it. You will get the best experience through these graphics and sound as well. You can also change the graphics settings from this game and can also reduce or increase the game sound or music sound of this game easily. Now, this is your time to get all these features within your game. We suppose that you all will love to use these features within your game.

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