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Tekken 6

Tekken 6 APK v1.0.0 (All Characters Unlocked)

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Name Tekken 6
Category Fighting
Size 37M
Version 1.0.0
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
MOD Features All Characters Unlocked
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Get ready to play as your favorite Tekken character Jin Kazama in Tekken 6. Released in 2007 by Bandai Namco Games, Tekken 6 features intense one-on-one battles, story mode, challenging survival battles, and 39+ characters, each with a unique engaging storyline and combo moves. Enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament and defeat all the challengers to become the champion.

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Tekken 6 (1)

Arcade Mode – Classic Tekken Mode

It’s the classic mode of all Tekken games. You will fight against computer-controller opponents in consecutive 1v1 matches. On winning two rounds (at default settings), you will win the match. As you keep on winning fights and progress, the difficulty will increase. In the final match, you will base Azazel, the boss.

Story Battle – Featuring Unique Storylines

Story Battle is a unique mode in Tekken 6. It focuses on specific characters and their journeys. Each character has a unique story. As you fight against various enemies, it will show you cutscenes, revealing that character’s backstory, motivation and plot advancements. Also, the final boss for every character is different.

Tekken 6 (2)

Compete Against Top Players’ Ghosts in Ghost Battle

In the Ghost battle mode, you can fight against ghosts of other players. It lets you study how other players fight and learn different strategies. You can test your skills against top players’ ghosts and improve your gameplay.

Test Your Skills in Challenge Battle

There are three types of Challenge Battles in the Tekken 6 APK which are as follows:

Time Attack – This mode tests how fast you can complete the arcade mode. There will be nine battles and one boss battle. You need to complete all the battles in the fastest time possible.

Survival – You will have only one HP bar and your objective is to defeat as many enemies as possible.

Tekken 6 (3)

Gold Rush – In this mode, your main objective is to deal as much damage as you can to earn the highest possible gold. Dealing with high damage to the opponent gives you more gold. Using different types of gold also gives you extra gold for attack variations. The round will last 30 seconds. It features no HP bar to the opponent.

Practice Your Combos in Practice Mode

To allow you to hone your skills, refine your strategies, learn new combos, and master your character, Tekken 6 features the Practice Mode. In it, you can select your opponent and practice your moves against it. You can choose what the opponent does like stand up, defend against your attacks, or attack you. You can see the full list of your character’s moves & combos.

Tekken 6 (4)

It also has three combat modes – Free Style, vs CPU Training, and Defensive Training. In the freestyle mode, it shows your attack patterns on the screen. You can see if you make any mistakes while executing any combo. In the defensive training mode, you can set a specific move that the opponent will perform. Then you can practice to defend against that attack move. In the vs CPU training, you can adjust the difficulty level and set the aggressive or defensive level of the CPU opponent.

Note: After starting the game, press the Back button, open the Game Settings, and then go back to continue. It will fix the half-screen issue.

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