The Room: Old Sins
The Room: Old Sins

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Name The Room: Old Sins
Category Puzzle
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Publisher Fireproof Games
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Are you getting bored by playing matching puzzle games? If yes then you should read today’s post because, in today’s post, we introduce you to The Room: Old Sins game. This game is developed by a team of fireproof games. Usually, this is a puzzle game where you have to escape from a horror house that you can enjoy without an Internet connection.

The graphics of this game are also very amazing and you will feel that you are actually in that horror atmosphere. If you search for it on the Google Play Store then you will find out that it is a paid game.

Introduction of The Room: Old Sins

The Room Old Sins 1

Usually, this game is kept in the category of puzzle games which is very different from other types of puzzle games. Here you don’t have to match colors and items to solve the puzzle. You will get a lot of mysteries that you have to solve and it also offers you a very amazing horror atmosphere that will make you feel like actually you are in the house. So try this different type of puzzle game by exploring all the mysteries and the rooms in that environment.


It is not a simple puzzle game where you have to do little tasks. This is a unique and special puzzle game and you can consider it into horror game also. Because whenever you play it the background sound quality is so amazing that will make you feel horror and creates a scary atmosphere around you.

Here you have to solve a lot of mysteries. But while you are solving them you will see the graphics and animations of this game or so clear and amazing and they will attract your eyes to it.

Real Horror Mysteries

The Room Old Sins 2

We had already discussed that in this game you have to solve a lot of mysteries. There will be many hints that you will get and then by using your brain you have to solve all of them. These mysteries are the main and the real fun of this game because you will find out difficulties while completing these missions. Once you get interested in solving these mysteries then it will become very easy for you.

Focus On Your Goal

The mysteries and the horror atmosphere is on the one side but every time you must keep in mind that you have to escape from this house. That is your real goal and for that, you are solving all the mysteries in this game. It can take some time but if you use all your hundred percent mind then the time can be reduced.

Explore All The Locations In the House

The Room Old Sins 3

It is a very big house and it has a lot of rooms that you have to explore. All the rooms in this house are magical and they will change their environment as you entered those rooms. There will be a lot of hidden items and all of these rooms are very dark because there is no source of light in them. And the graphics that are used while entering these rooms are so tempting and amazing.

Discover Different Hidden Items

The Room Old Sins 4

Whenever you enter any room you will get the task to discover some items. And trust us it will become very difficult for you sometimes because the rooms are very dark from the inside. But you have to complete the task and find out the hidden items so that you can solve the complete mystery of that room. After you complete the room’s mystery then you can step into the next room of the house.

Amazing Atmospheric Sound And Multi-Language Supported

The Room Old Sins 5

The best part of this game is the graphics and the atmospheric sound that you will hear when you play this game. That sound creates a real horror atmosphere around you in the reality. There is one more thing this game supports multiple languages so you will never get problems while playing this game. Don’t worry about the side also just select your language and enjoy this game.

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