The Sun: Origin
The Sun: Origin

The Sun: Origin MOD APK v2.3.1 [Unlimited Money, Ammo, Stamina]

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Name The Sun: Origin
Category Action
MOD Features <p>Unlimited Money, Ammo, Stamina</p>
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Wants to play a shooting game like IGI on your smartphone? If yes then check out The Sun: Origin. This is an action game that offers you RPG elements in the cruel world of the post-apocalypse. This game offers you all the features that you can expect from a shooting game. So if you are ready to do a lot of tasks and expose the world by holding the best weapons in your hands. Then give it a try.

About The Sun: Origin

The Sun Origin MOD 1

The Sun: Origin is the best action-shooting RPG game that you can try today. This game is developed by the team of Agaming+.

This is a first-person Shooter action game that offers you RPG elements. This game is all about the year 2050 when the sun released some waves in space, and they proved very dangerous for all leaving beings. You have to play the role of a soldier who is fighting with the terrorists to save the community.

Your character is fully loaded with lethal weapons so that you can defeat all the enemies. It offers you very good graphics so that you can enjoy every scene in this game. If you are interested then you can try this game from our website.

Use Different Destructive Weapons

The Sun Origin MOD 2

When we are playing action shooting game then weapons plays a very important role. If it has very few weapons then we cannot enjoy that game. But this RPG shooting game offers you a lot of destructive weapons that you can use to kill your enemies.

Survive In Hard Conditions

The Sun Origin MOD 3

In this action-shooting game, you will have to face a lot of challenging conditions. For example, you have to survive radiation, hunger, and diseases while you are on a mission. When you face all these problems then your character will become very slow & lazy, and it is very hard to play and shoot your enemies. So you have to be very careful while doing missions and prevent all these hard conditions.

Best Imaginable Graphics

The Sun Origin MOD 4

This is a first-person shooter RPG game where you will get the best possible graphics so that you can enjoy everything in this game. It has a very smooth texture, and you will find it very realistic gameplay. You can customize the settings of your graphics. You can set graphics settings to low, medium, and high. So set it as your requirement and your device allow you.

Conquer All Enemies

The Sun Origin MOD 5

There are a lot of enemies all around in this game. You have to be safe from their sight and also so have to kill all of them. There are a lot of ways to kill your enemies, but you have to be very careful because they can also kill you then you have to restart the mission. It offers you a lot of weapons and by using more destructive weapons.

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