Tom And Jerry: Chase
Tom And Jerry: Chase

Tom And Jerry: Chase v5.4.56 APK (Full Game)

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Name Tom And Jerry: Chase
Category Casual
Size 1.15G
Version 5.4.56
Publisher NetEase Games
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Have you ever enjoyed the famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry? If yes then you should try this Tom and Jerry: chase game. It is very funny and you will get a lot of thrills from this. You will get a lot of maps to enjoy in this game. You can enjoy this game with the cat and the mouse character that you like.

Tom And Jerry: Chase is a fast-paced, 1v4 game. This game is developed by the team of NetEase Games. This is a very famous game and is loved by users from all around the world. If you search it on the Google Play Store then you will find out that it has more than 5 million downloads.

Description of Tom And Jerry: Chase

Tom And Jerry Chase 1

This is a casual game that you can enjoy with two characters. We all know that both of these characters are the main in this game. And the story of this couple’s character is very famous at that time when it was on TV. You will get a lot of modes to enjoy, and a special competitive mode is also available. It also offers you a lot of maps and you can enjoy this game with your friends also.

Enjoy Competitive Mode

Tom And Jerry Chase 2

This is the best mode that this game is offering to you. Almost all the users who are playing this game have enjoyed this Mode most. You can play this game either with a cat or Mouse. You have to just steal the cheese and trick Tom with the friends who are playing this game with you.

Play Many Maps And Many Game Modes

Tom And Jerry Chase 3

There are a lot of maps available in this game that you can enjoy.  All of these maps have different difficulty levels. All of them have the ability to never let you feel bored again. This game also offers you a lot of modes so you can enjoy this game every time. If you want then you can enjoy it with your friends. And there is a single-player mode also so whenever your friends are not with you, you can enjoy that mode.

Endless Fun With Friends

This game has a competitive mode and in that mode, you can enjoy this game with the players who are already enjoying this game. You can challenge them and find out who is superior. Same here in this mode you can enjoy this game with your friends. And we all know that when we play something with our friends that becomes very interesting automatically.

HD Graphics With Good Controls

Tom And Jerry Chase 5

We all know that graphics place a very important role in video games. This is because everything depends on them. Do not worry about this game because it offers you HD graphics and you will be going to enjoy it a lot. The controls of this game are also so good and you will become very comfortable after playing it for some time.

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