Top War: Battle Game
Top War: Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game v1.440.1 MOD APK [Menu, Speed Game]

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Version 1.444.0
Publisher Topwar Studio
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Top War is a battle game where you have to focus on three things, build, merge, and battle. It’s an amazing war game where you have to expand your base by defeating others. It can be only done if you have enough & strong army as well as legendary heroes.

Description of Top War: Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game is a mobile game with battle-like mechanics & it’s offered by Topwar Studio. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices and has millions of downloads worldwide. Well, the game is easy to play but hard to master. In this article, you will get all the information about this game, so stay with us till the end.

Expand Your Base

Top War  Battle Game MOD APK_result
Top War Battle Game MOD APK_result

When Top War: Battle Game starts, you start with a small area where you have just a few soldiers and the game asks you to merge them, then it all begins, when we merge our soldiers, they become stronger & their level goes up. The good thing is that there’s no wait time for all the upgrades. From there, you can start battling up your first battle. Defeating enemies will give your their land where you can expand your base and place more buildings such as Barracks, Basic War Room, Shipyard, etc. All these will help you to make yourself stronger so then you can claim more territories.

Merge, Battle, and Conquer

Top War  Battle Game MOD APK2_result
Top War Battle Game MOD APK2_result

In Top War: Battle Game, the most essential thing is merging, when we merge anything, they upgrade. For example, buildings such as Barracks, Gold Mine, etc. If you wish to upgrade them, just buy multiple numbers of them and just merge them. You can also merge gold mines so they will yield more gold and your overall gold production rate will be increased instantly.

The next thing is battle because Top War is a battle game where you have to attack to expand your base so you can have space to fill in your troops & buildings. You can attack real players as well. This will help you to conquer some more land in the game. When you battle bases, you will be able to select your troops as well as heroes. Once you defeat them, the land will be yours.

Unlock, Upgrade, and Win

Top War  Battle Game MOD APK3_result
Top War Battle Game MOD APK3_result

This game has multiple levels of almost everything. For example, you can upgrade your barracks to use higher-level troops or units, you can upgrade your gold mine to yield max gold, and you can upgrade your troop’s levels. When speaking of upgrading buildings, you will need to level up them in the basic war room. There you can upgrade all of them with items such as General R&D Plan. You will have to collect those items to upgrade techs. Upgrading build barracks & gold mine will also increase commander EXP points, CP, ATK Bonus, and player’s level.

To win a battle, you will need the best soldier and attack units. In Top War: Battle Game, you will have three types of units which are Army Units, Navy Units, and Air Force Units. Once you start expanding your base, you will be able to unlock those units. The process of upgrading will remain the same but the battle will be difficult. To have army units, players will need to build Shipyard, and to unlock air units, they will require an Airbase.

Grab Loots and Help Soldiers

Top War  Battle Game MOD APK4_result
Top War Battle Game MOD APK4_result

When players perform battles in the area, they will get to collect all the loot if they find it in that area. The loot can contain a variety of items including rare items or epic heroes. But most of the time, you will get gold, and troops’ unit. In this game, we have a radar feature that will show if other players need our help. You can perform many types of missions such as rescue missions, bomb diffusing missions, etc. You will get lots of items as a reward if you complete them. You can also upgrade the radar as well which will give you more experience points when you complete their missions. The radar signal strength will increase once you upgrade it.

Expand Your Territory

Top War  Battle Game MOD APK5_result
Top War Battle Game MOD APK5_result

Another important feature is expanding the base, as you know we starts with a little land but once we started defeating & battling others, our territory increased. It means we have more space for our troops now and our gold mines. So, keep battling others and claim more land so your base will be more powerful in Top War: Battle Game.

There is a repair factory as well, where the damaged units are admitted. When you battle someone, your units will be damaged too, and those units will need time for recovery. If you have all the higher units, they will take more time to recover as compared to small-level units. You can repair all your units to keep them battling rather than just vanishing. You can also repair them using gems.

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