World Cricket Championship 3
World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 MOD APK v2.2 [Unlimited Coins]

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Name World Cricket Championship 3
Category Sports
Size 807M
Version 2.2
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
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Do you want to enjoy a real-life stick cricket game? Try this World Cricket Championship 3 MOD game. This is the best cricket game that is available in today’s market. You will never get anything better than this. This is the only game that has won a lot of awards based on user voting. And this is the only game that offers you professional commentary from Australian Cricket legend and India’s popular cricketer and top-notch commentator Akash Chopra.

About World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 1

Hi everyone in today’s post we are going to introduce you to the World Cricket Championship 3 game. This game is developed by two teams of NextWave multimedia. This is the best cricket game that offers all the features that you expect from this. It is a very famous game and is logged by users from all around the world. When you search for it on the Google Play Store then you will find out that it has millions of downloads over there.

Realistic Gameplay

World Cricket Championship 3 2

WCC3 offers you a lot of unique features. You will get a lot of modes to enjoy this game. You can choose your team and start your career mode here. This is the most realistic cricket game ever and has won a lot of awards. This game comes with the feature of professional commentary where the best team of commentators will do commentary while you are playing this game. You can manage your team also here in this game. It also offers you cricket Grounds of different dimensions.

Lot Of Modes To Enjoy

World Cricket Championship 3 3

This is the best cricket game that you can download from the internet. This is best because of its features. It offers you a lot of modes so that you can enjoy every second of this game. You can play a quick match in quick play, my career mode is also available, it also offers you 5-way multiplayer and women’s cricket, and it also offers you test cricket. You can enjoy any one of these modes as per your mood. The 5v multiplayer mode is can be enjoyed with your friends because at the last only one will remain, and it will be declared the champion.

Enjoy Tournaments

World Cricket Championship 3 4

When you start this game then it asks you to select a team. After selecting a team you can take it to tournaments. There are a lot of tournaments organized by this team for this game, and you can take part in any of them. It is not easy to win the tournament because when you pass their levels it becomes harder and harder. But these are very interesting, and we can get a lot of joy by enjoying this tournament.

Realistic Gameplay

This is the only cricket game that offers you top-notch graphics quality. We all know that graphics play a very important role in games. If that game has good graphics then we can enjoy it a lot. So if you had any questions in your mind about the graphics of this game then do not worry about this side. It has very real gameplay and when you play it you will get shocked because they will find it so realistic.

Manage Your Team

World Cricket Championship 3 5

If you had played any other cricket game then you know that this is a feature that is not offered by any of them. But in this game, you can manage your team and place all the players anywhere you want. You can change the layouts of the players who are doing fielding when you are on the bowling side. When you are batting you can also manage that part because it is totally up to you who is going to bat first to last.

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