Head Ball 2
Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 v1.579 MOD APK (Freeze Bots, Mega Menu)

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Name Head Ball 2
Category Sports
Size 130M
Version 1.579
Publisher Masomo Gaming
MOD Features Freeze Bots, Mega Menu
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Hello, friends. Today we are here with the Head Ball 2 which is the best football sport & casual game offered by Masomo Gaming. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.0 rating out of 5. Lots of characters, accessories to customize them, various types of power-ups, and multiple game modes will be so fun to play.

About Head Ball 2

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It’s a 2D side-view, 1v1 football game. The characters are not regular-looking human characters. They only have a big head with a foot below and no body. In this game, you will compete against a real player in a football match for 90 seconds. Both players will start with their unlocked power-ups and a certain number of penalty saves. They can move, jump, kick the ball, block the ball, and use power-ups. Power-ups are single-use types. So, after using the power-up of a type, you can’t use the same again.

Head Ball 2 MOD APK

In the match, if you stay near the net for too long, then you will be hit by a penalty. The strike will not affect you in the starting as you will have some penalty saves. But after that, the next strike will freeze you for a few seconds. So, don’t stay near the net all the time. Use your skills & moves to score as many goals as you can. When the time runs out, the player who scored more goals will win the match. 

On winning the match, you will earn gold, XP, fans, and points. Points are needed to climb up the leagues. And fans are required to unlock & play in higher & bigger stadiums. You will earn more gold at higher stadiums. Additionally, new power-ups are unlocked at certain stadiums. You will need XP to increase your level. Achieving a new level gives you prizes such as gold, card packs, boosters, etc. 

Characters & Accessories

It has 100+ characters and accessories. Each character has unique stats like speed, jump, shoot & size and has multiple skill slots. You can upgrade them to increase their stats. Upgrading them to certain levels will also unlock their skill slots. In the skill slots, you can equip many types of skills that will highly increase a specific attribute of the character. Moreover, accessories boost their stats too. You can customize your character as you see fit. There are so many possibilities. 

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20+ Amazing Power-ups

Head Ball 2 includes more than 20 amazing power-ups that you can use in the matches to score the goal. There are Freeze, Giant Player, Freeze Ball, Invisibility, Power Breaker, Disorient, Clone Ball, Double Ball, and many more power-ups. Freeze the opponent using the Freeze power, turn the ball into a stun bomb using the Bomb power or change the opponent’s controls using the Disorient power to confuse him. 

Some powers will make you bigger, and freeze your goal net for a few seconds so that the opponent can’t score any goals. You can also upgrade the power-ups to increase their duration. In a match, you can only take 2 power-ups in the starting. But you can upgrade a certain number of power-ups to take even more power-ups, max 6. 

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Complete 450+ Career Levels

Career mode is the PvE mode of the game. It has over 450 levels. You can clear them to earn rewards. The difficulty will increase with each level, and so do the rewards. If you want to unlock & upgrade the characters and increase the fans quicker, then it’s the best mode because of its rewards. But it also has lots of milestones after a certain number of levels. You will need the required total power to cross these milestones otherwise you won’t be able to play the next levels.

MOD Version of Head Ball 2

It includes the following features:

  • Mega Goal
  • Rocket Goal
  • Freeze Bots
  • Freeze Match
  • Speed
  • Rainbow Characters

Note: You can use any VPN to match with bots! Not working on real players.

Useful FAQs

How can I increase my level in the game?

To increase the level, you have to earn XP by upgrading power-ups, playing matches, and completing achievements.

What does the bomb power-up do?

Bomb power-up converts the football into a bomb that explodes and stuns the opponent for a certain amount of time.

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