State Of Survival

State of Survival v1.19.90 Mod APK (God Mode, One-Hit, Unlimited Skill)

State of Survival MOD APK is a zombie-apocalyptic survival game where you will build your base, help the survivors, and fight against zombies.

Android Android Strategy
4.8 ( 920 ratings )
Price: $0
Name State of Survival
Publisher FunPlus International
Genre Strategy
Size 200 MB
Version 1.19.90
MOD Unlimited Money
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State of Survival is the most famous version in the State of Survival series of publisher FunPlus International
Mod Version 1.19.90
  • MOD Menu
  • God Mode
  • One-Hit Kill
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Disable the delay before the first (immediately after the inscription Attention, infected!) use of skills
  • God Mode
  • Increased damage dealt.
  • If after turning on the last two points you cannot go through any stage, then turn them off and go through the problem area.

State of Survival: Zombie War is a strategic build & battle game set in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies & monsters. A world that has no order, no government, and no safe place. Wherever you look, there is destruction, virus, people starving, violence, death, and danger. If you enter this game, then you will have to build your base to survive against the horde of zombies. 

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State Of Survival (1)
State of Survival (1)

It is offered by FunPlus International AG and has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.4 rating. Also, it’s ranked #5 in the top-grossing strategy games. It features an interesting single-player storyline, base building, multiplayer battles, clans, clan wars, world boss, and much more. 

Build & Upgrade Your Base to Defend Against Zombie Hordes

To survive the zombie hordes, you will need to build & upgrade your base. Your base contains many types of buildings such as headquarters, hero precinct, lookout tower, warehouse, barrack, etc. Each building has its role. You can also buildings that will help you in your economic and military growth. 

State Of Survival (2)
State of Survival (2)

To keep the base going without any issues, you will need basic resources like food, wood, metal, gas, etc. You will also need these resources to upgrade various buildings and troops. To produce these resources, you can build farms, lumberyards, furnaces, gas tanks, etc. 

And to keep the zombies at bay, you will need a workshop to craft & enhance your heroes, a hospital to heal your wounded troops, a training camp to increase training capacity & speed, and barracks to train more troops to attack the zombies. 

Train Your Troops & Help Other Survivors

To expand your territory, you will need to clear the surrounding areas by killing all the zombies. As you progress further, you will face stronger zombies in large numbers. You will need many more troops to face them. In the barracks, you can train various types of infantry troops such as blunts, rushers, blasters, slashers, etc. Using certain types of infantry troops increases all infantry troops’ defense against the riders & hunters. 

State Of Survival (3)
State of Survival (3)

On the map, you also come across survivors. You can help them by accepting them in your base. And you can use them for marching and attacking zombies. As your level reaches a certain level and your base expands to certain territories, you will unlock more buildings where you can train riders and hunters type troops. 

20+ Heroes with Unique Skills

State of Survival has 20+ unique heroes, each having a unique set of skills and traits. They provide various buffs to all the troops and extra bonuses to specific types of troops. You can create a team of up to three heroes to fight against the zombies to clear up the settlements. 

With each fight against the zombies, they gain experience which is required to level up. You can also use EXP cards to increase their levels. Leveling them up increase their attribute stats such as attack, defense, and HP. It also increases the marching capacity.

Apart from the levels, they also have ranks like Cadet, Lieutenant, Colonel, etc. Each rank has five stars. You can rank them up to increase their star using the hero badge and hero fragments. Doing so increases their explorer attribute stats and military attributes stats. Also, achieving new rank unlocks their new skills.

Join Alliance & Support Your Friends

You can create your alliance and invite your friends to play together, or you can join their alliance. Playing in an alliance is very useful, not only for you but also for members. In an alliance, you can donate resources to upgrade various traits & techs that will benefit all of you in base development, territory expansion, and battles. You can also provide help to your friends by assigning support heroes or timer help. 

State Of Survival (4)
State of Survival (4)

Donating and helping the members rewards you with honor points. You can use these points to buy resources such as hero fragments, relocator, VIP points, boosts, etc. from the alliance store. 

Below are the two ways you can support others. 

Provide Hero Support to Allies

In Hero Support, you can assign one of your heroes to support others. When other members go to battles, they can deploy your assigned hero if they need. Also, you can deploy others’ assigned heroes as well. Every time someone deployed your hero, you will get honor points. 

Timer Help

In the timer help, you will see your allies’ requests for helping them in building or upgrading buildings. When you help them, the time left for their upgrades is reduced by a certain period of time. And in return, you get honor points.

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