BGMI vs Free Fire MAX in 2024: The Best Action Mobile Game

BGMI vs Free Fire MAX in 2024: The Best Action Mobile Game

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In this article, we will discuss BGMI vs Free Fire MAX on various factors such as gameplay, graphics, size, modes, required specifications, etc. to determine which one is better. Now that Free Fire is banned, the downloads of Free Fire MAX, as well as BGMI, are increasing at a rapid rate. So, stay with us and read the article till the end to know which one is better.

Two best action-mobile games are BGMI and Free Fire MAX! Also, many questions arise in players’ minds. And one of them is – Which is the best action mobile game? Well, that’s a hard question as there are many aspects in both games that are good in their own regards. 

BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game just like PUBG. After the banning of PUBG Mobile in India, KRAFTON, Inc. launched BGMI exclusively for Indian players in July 2021 as PUBG was so popular among players. It has all the game modes that are in PUBG along with additional vehicles and some changes in the maps. 

BGMI vs Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX is also a battle royale game and the enhanced version of the Free Fire game. It was released in September 2021. There’s no difference between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX except the enhanced graphics & effects. Players can play with each other no matter which Free Fire game they play. 

System Requirements for Free Fire MAX vs BGMI

Let’s start with the system requirements as it’s the first thing we see for any game. 

For Free Fire MAX

Android OS Required: Android 4.1 or Above


Storage Required: 0.98 GB


Android OS Required: 4.3 or Above

RAM: 1.5 GB (Minimum)

Storage Required: 799 MB

These requirements are mentioned on the Google Play Store. As you can see, BGMI requires at least 1.5 GB RAM and a 4.1 Android version which are lower than the Free Fire MAX requirements. 

Total Size

If we talk about the total size of these games after downloading all the in-game resources, the total size of Free Fire MAX will be 1.5 GB and BGMI’s total size will be approximately 5.5 GB as BGMI has more maps, game modes, skins, and graphics files. With the increase in game size, you will need a high-end device to load all those resources while playing the game to run it smoothly. Therefore, Free Fire MAX is a choice for players who have low-end devices.

BGMI vs Free Fire MAX

Game Modes

Various game modes offer various ways for players to have fun. And BGMI, in that regard, is way ahead of Free Fire MAX. Alongside the Classic Mode (Battle Royale), BMGI has Arcade game mode that includes Team Deathmatch, War, Quick Match, Sniper Training, EvoGround, etc., and many other game modes. Whereas Free Fire MAX has only Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes. 

Team Deathmatch or TDM in short is a very popular game mode among the players as it’s very competitive, full of action, and short as compared to BR mode. There will be no time to relax. Most players prefer to play TDM in their free time rather than Battle Royale mode. While in Free Fire MAX, they have no choice but to play BR. Therefore, BGMI is much better than Free Fire MAX. 

BGMI vs Free Fire MAX


If we talk about the difficulty level, Free Fire MAX is much easier than the BGMI. It provides an aim assist feature to the players to help them aim at the opponents. But there’s no such thing in BGMI. You have to do everything on your own from aiming to shooting. It provides more realistic gameplay than the Free Fire MAX. But FF MAX runs well on low and med-end devices without lag. 

Weapons, Vehicles & Skins

Weapons are the most important assets in the game as the whole match depends on them. The right weapon is also a key to eliminating the opponent first. Currently, both games have 50 different weapons. Some weapons are similar in both of them. But in vehicles and skins, BGMI has more varieties than Free Fire MAX. 

BGMI vs Free Fire MAX

Characters, Pets & Abilities

Only in this factor, Free Fire MAX is ahead of BGMI. Free Fire MAX has many types of characters and each one has unique abilities. Likewise, there are many types of pets with unique abilities that help the players in their combat. While BGMI only gives character customization options but no special abilities. It does have a pet, an eagle, but without any ability. Free Fire MAX offers more action than BGMI only in this factor.


The last and final comparison is on graphics. BGMI offers more realistic graphics than the Free Fire MAX. Rain, fog, night, day, snow, and other weather conditions offer a real feel to the players when playing the match. Furthermore, it provides frame rate options from so smoother to Extreme (90 FPS) and graphics options from So Smooth to UHD. 

Reflections, color options such as colorful, classic, realistic, etc., blood effects, grenade effects, as well as unique sound effects of every weapon, all of them give an amazing experience to the players in a realistic way in BGMI. Whereas in Free Fire MAX, you don’t get that many options in graphics and frame rate. 


So guys, if you have a high-end mobile, then BGMI is so much better than the Free Fire MAX in action. You will get more than 7 game modes, realistic graphics, varieties of weapons, skins & vehicles, and a realistic gameplay experience with several weather conditions, sound & grenade effects. But for low-end devices, Free Fire MAX will be good as its graphics are lower than BGMI and don’t need high device configurations. That’s all on BGMI vs Free Fire MAX. Thank you for reading & visitinhg. Have a nice day!

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