Garena Free Fire
Garena Free Fire

Free Fire: Winterlands v1.103.1 MOD APK (Aim, ESP Line, Wall Hack, Antiban)

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Name Garena Free Fire
Category Shooter
Size 449M
Version 1.103.1
Publisher Garena International
MOD Features Aim, ESP Line, Antiban
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Get ready to jump into a remote island to compete against 49 real players to be the last man standing. Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale tactical shooter game offered by Garena Internation. It has more than a billion downloads on the Play Store and is at #5 in top-grossing action games. It features 6 huge maps to explore, 40+ playable characters with unique abilities, 15+ unique pets, 10+ game modes, and a huge arsenal at your fingertips. 

Description of Free Fire

Free Fire MOD APK (1)
Free Fire MOD APK (1)

It has lots of game modes that give players new experiences & ways to have fun with its different gameplay. The two major game modes are as follows.

Free Fire MOD APK (2)
Free Fire MOD APK (2)

Clash Squad & Ranked

It’s a 4v4 game mode. In this mode, two teams, each having 4 players, will fight against each other. All players will get a certain amount of money in this mode. At the start of the round, they can buy weapons & items from that money. A round will be over when a team kills all the opponents. Players who died will lose their weapons & items while those who survived will carry their weapons & items to the next round. There will be multiple rounds and the team to win 4 rounds first will win the match.

Free Fire MOD APK (3)
Free Fire MOD APK (3)

Clash Squad is available as classic as well ranked mode. There will be no penalty in the classic clash squad for losing. In the CS Ranked mode, you will get a start for winning the match. Keep earning more starts to increase your league. At the end of the season, you will get rewards depending on your league. 

Battle Royale & Ranked

Battle royale is a mode of 50 players who will jump from an airplane on a remote island. Their main objective will be to survive till the end and be the last man standing. Explore the map, pick up weapons, ammo, medical kits, and grenades, drive vehicles, shoot down the enemies, crush them under the vehicle, blow them up with grenades, hide in the grass, ambush them, snipe them, and do anything to survive till the end. 

Free Fire MOD APK (4)
Free Fire MOD APK (4)

You can start this mode solo, in a duo, or squad. It’s also available in ranked mode. You can team up with your friends and push your rank to earn amazing seasonal rewards. 

60+ Unique Characters & Pets

Play with Kelly, Alok, Hayato, Caroline, Moco, Skyler, or any other character, There are more than 40 of them for you to choose from. Each of them has unique abilities that will help you in your battles on the battlefield. That’s not all. You have companions to choose from too. They will accompany you on the battlefield and assist you in various ways with their unique skills. For instance, Detective Panda will recover your HP on killing an enemy. Your movement speed while crouching will be 30% faster (and more at a higher pet level) with Dr. Beanie. And Sensei Tig will reduce the enemy’s marking skills by up to 50%. Ain’t that helpful?

MOD Version of Free Fire

Unlimited Diamonds – Diamonds are premium in-game currencies and can only be bought using real money. There’s no other way. But in this MOD, you are getting unlimited diamonds. You can buy any costumes, weapon skins, vehicle skins, pets, and so much more using unlimited diamonds. 

Aimbot– Aimbot tool assist you in targeting enemies automatically. It has various types of aimbot features such as aimbot fire, scope, FOV, distance, etc. Aimbot fire will automatically aim and shoot the enemies in sight while aimbot scope will open the score after aiming the enemy. In FOV Aimbot, you can enter the FOV angle. Then it will automatically target all the enemies within that angle view. You can also select the distance for aimbot activation using the aimbot distance feature. 

ESP – ESP tools also have so many options for players, vehicles, weapons, items, etc. You can activate any ESP option and then it will show you the location, name & distance of the player, item, weapon, or others based on the feature you used. 

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