Safest Methods To Watch YouTube Without Ads in 2024?

Safest Methods To Watch YouTube Without Ads in 2024?

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Hii guys. Are you annoyed too by those annoying YouTube ads and want to watch YouTube without ads for free? If yes, then here’s some good news. We are here with this article in which we are going to share four methods you can use to get rid of all ads on YouTube and watch the videos interruption-free. 

YouTube is the top video streaming platform today. Users will get every kind of video on it suitable for all age-group users. It is also a source of income for many creators. But for watchers, its ads are too disturbing. Recently, it updated its policy which makes it even more annoying. Doesn’t matter if the channel is monetized or not, YouTube will show ads.

Can I Watch YouTube Ad-free?

Many users ask if it is possible to watch YouTube without ads. The answer to that question is yes. There are many ways and the first of them is to buy a YouTube Premium subscription that will remove all the ads. But as some users can’t afford the money, they search for ways to watch YouTube ad-free for free. Well, they can do that too. Read the post till the end to know-how.

Methods to Watch YouTube without Ads for Free

In this section, we have shared four methods using which you can watch YouTube without ads for free. There will be no need to spend any money. So, these methods are as follows:

Use Adblockers to Block YouTube Ads

The first method is to use adblocker apps to block ads on YouTube. On Android devices, you will find many adblocker apps on the Play Store. One of them is AdGuard which is quite popular. Using this app, you can block ads on many other platforms too. It has no complex steps to use it. Just open the app and enable the button shown on its home screen. 

You can block ads, banners, pop-ups, video ads, etc. It also has options to add apps, websites, or URLs to the whitelist. Adguard will not block ads on the whitelisted URLs. This way you can support your favorite creators too on YouTube while blocking ads on other channels.

Modify the URL to Remove All Ads

This method doesn’t use any adblocker, browser extension, or third-party app to remove the ads on YouTube. It’s a little trick that takes advantage of a YouTube bug to play the videos without any ads. Even if the video is lengthy and has multiple ads at certain intervals in it, this trick will remove all those ads. 

To use this trick, you don’t have to do anything special or lengthy process. You just need to enter a full-stop mark “.” after the “” in the URL. For instance, if the URL is “”, then it will be “”. It will play the YouTube video without ads. Also, note that you can use this trick in the browsers only.

Use Browser Extensions to Watch YouTube Ad-free

If you use YouTube on the browser on your computer, then you can use browser extensions to block the ads. The app we mentioned in the first step is also available as an extension on the Web Store. You can install it in your browsers. It is supported in all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc. 

Additionally, there are other extensions too like Adblock for YouTube, Enhancer for YouTube. These extensions can block all types of ads such as banners, video ads, pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, etc. If you want to use these extensions on Android, then you can use Firefox or Yandex browser. Chrome doesn’t support extensions on Android devices.

YouTube Vanced

The last method is to use YouTube Vanced. It’s a modified version of YouTube that allows you to watch YouTube videos without any ads. Not only that, but it also has all the premium features unlocked in it. You can access & enjoy YouTube premium for free. It also supports background play, AMOLED dark mode, and PIP mode. You can also remove the comment section. Moreover, it lets you download YouTube videos. 

Here are the steps you can use to install YouTube Vanced on your Android device:

  • First of all, download YouTube Vanced APK from a trusted website.
  • Next, open the file manager and navigate to the downloader folder or the folder where the downloaded APK is stored.
  • Then tap on the YouTube Vanced APK to open it. 
  • If it’s your first time installing the APK, then a window will pop up asking you to enable the installation of unknown apps from this source.
  • Then enable the “Install Apps from this Source” 
  • After that, head back to the APK and open it.
  • Now, tap on the Install button to begin the installation. 
  • Once the installation is started, wait for a few seconds for its completion. 
  • On the installation completion, open the app and enjoy YouTube without ads.


YouTube is the best video streaming platform. But many users find its ads annoying. In this post, we have shared four methods that allow you to watch YouTube without ads for free. You can use these features without facing any issues. Also, many creators earn their livelihood from these ads. So, we also suggest not using such methods to block ads that result in someone’s loss. That’s all. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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