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Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion v23.02.03 APK (Latest)

Merge Mansion is a bit complex puzzle game and you have to uncover the mystery yourself by solving puzzles and secrets.

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Name Merge Mansion
Publisher Metacore
Genre Puzzle
Size 178 MB
Version 23.02.03
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Merge Mansion is the most famous version in the Merge Mansion series of publisher
Mod Version 23.02.03

Merge Mansion is a puzzle game where you will play as Maddie and you have to unlock the story left behind in the past about the mansion. It will require some effort and detective skills of yours to find out your grandma’s secrets.

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Description of Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a puzzle game offered by Metacore Games and it has 100 Million+ downloads on Google Play Store. Such a massive number of downloads makes this game a popular puzzle game. Well, speaking of the basics, if you have played a puzzle game or any type of game where the MERGE technique works (when you merge two same things, they combine and upgrades), you will easily understand the Game. Also, it’s a mixture of merge technique + candy crush type game. But, it’s great & the story is fun.

Solve Grandma’s Mystery

Merge Mansion MOD APK_result
Merge Mansion MOD APK_result

It is a puzzle game, so there are lots of puzzles to solve. Speaking of the story, it’s a bit complex and you have to uncover it yourself by solving puzzles and mysteries. It’s a story of a family’s mansion which was kept secret, but why? You need to find this yourself and what’s up with grandma too. Well, speaking of availability, this game is available on both Android & iOS devices.

Match, Merge, and Renovate The Mansion

Merge Mansion MOD APK2_result
Merge Mansion MOD APK2_result

The gameplay is quite easy but interesting and also, and there are a lot of challenges once the story begins. Puzzles become tougher and tougher, from time to time. The main motive here is to match, merge, and renovate. There will be stories about what’s behind there, what’s here, etc. but those objects will be hidden, and to clean them up, you will need a lot of items. There are thousands of items available in this game that you will have to find to solve puzzles and unlock mysteries.

Merge Mansion MOD APK 3_result
Merge Mansion MOD APK 3_result

After finding a match, you have to merge those items to level them up. Once you have leveled up an item enough, they won’t upgrade further. So, keep an eye on the item you are trying to find, once you have found an item that is enough for the puzzle, take them and complete the quest. Also, keep collecting all the items which will help you in the game such as coins, energy, and gems. These will help you in the game in case you run out of energy or chest time, or any type of issue, gems will fix those issues. But as gems are rare, take care of them, and use them wisely.

Merge Mansion MOD APK 4_result
Merge Mansion MOD APK 4_result

Renovating the mansion is one main thing in this game. It’s a renovation game, for sure, where you have to renovate a big family mansion. Along with the exploration, you will also learn about the past and you will unlock many secrets that were hidden from you, for some reason. Find those secrets and learn more about your parents and grandma.

Enjoy the Relaxing Puzzle Game

Merge Mansion MOD APK 5_result
Merge Mansion MOD APK 5_result

The main purpose of Merge Mansion is simple, it is available to give the players relaxation. People who love puzzle games can try this. The music is calm and relaxing too. When you open any quest, you will love the sound effects and music as well. Everything here is comfortable and I really love spending hours in this game because of the music itself. When we discover items, merge them, level up them, and anything we do will give a sound, which really suits this game so much, and so our ears. If you are looking for a soothing, calm, and relaxing puzzle game, this one is for you.

Uncover The Story Of the Boulton Family

Merge Mansion MOD APK 6_result
Merge Mansion MOD APK 6_result

Our main motive is to unlock or uncover the story of our family. There’s a lot to learn about and find out. Why do we have the mansion & why I didn’t know it before? What’s Grandma hiding? Where are my parents? There are so many questions in Maddie’s mind but is she ready to fix all of them? You gotta help her.

Merge Mansion MOD APK 7_result
Merge Mansion MOD APK 7_result

When you complete any story quest or puzzle, it will give you a hint about something but to learn about it, you will need to open your mind. Find all the secrets about the mansion and find all the items that are necessary for doing it. This isn’t easy but nothing can break Maddie’s Spirit.

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Useful FAQs

What is Merge Mansion? Is it rated for kids?

It is a puzzle game. Yes, kids can play it as well.

Is it safe to install Merge Mansion APK?

Yes, no root is required to install.

How to update Merge Mansion APK?

Visit our website to get the latest version.

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