Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner MOD APK v7.5.7 [Unlimited Money]

Subway Princess Runner Mod APK is an endless runner game with multiple locations, lots of hoverboards, power-ups, and characters!

Android Android Runner
4.8 ( 196 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Subway Princess Runner
Publisher Ivy
Genre Runner
Size 123 MB
Version 7.5.7
MOD Unlimited Money
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Subway Princess Runner is the most famous version in the Subway Princess Runner series of publisher Ivy
Mod Version 7.5.7

Subway Princess Runner is an action-packed endless runner game offered by Ivy. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.2 rating out of 5. It has multiple locations, lots of hoverboards, power-ups, and characters to play with. Run as far as you can and score as much as possible. 

Description of Subway Princess Runner

It’s a three-lane endless running game. In it,  you will play a mischievous character who always plays at the railway station that causes trouble for others. And of course, the policeman will try to catch and stop you. But you will not go down that side and try to escape from him by running down the railway track. 

Subway Princess Runner MOD APK 3

On the track, there will be three lanes. As you run on the track, you will come across many obstacles such as oncoming trains, hurdles, walls, broken tracks, etc. You have to dodge them and avoid colliding with them by changing lanes, jumping & sliding. Also, there will be power-ups and coins on the way. You can pick up the power-ups for special powers and coins that you can use to upgrade power-ups & buy characters, hoverboards, & chests.

On collision,  the policeman will catch you and that will be the game over. Your final score will depend on how much distance you cover. To score higher at the same distance, you can increase your level to increase the score multiplier.


The controls are so simple and easy. Anyone can learn to play this game on their first try. All you have to do is to swipe on the screen to control the character. Swipe left & right to change lanes. Swipe up and down to jump and slide respectively. When you see forward arrows on the walls, swipe in that wall’s direction to run on the wall. And to activate the hoverboard, double-tap on the screen. 

Subway Princess Runner MOD APK 5

Controls may seem easy now, but as you cover more distance, the speed of the game will increase. And you will have to swipe faster to control the character and avoid colliding with obstacles. It will be the real challenge. 


Subway Princess includes 6 types of power-ups – Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, 2xx Multiplier, Mega Headstart, and Score Booster. You will find the first four power-ups on the way. The last two power-ups are single-use power-ups and you can activate them only at the start of the run. You can use the mega headstart to skip a great distance and start running at high speed.

Subway Princess Runner MOD APK 2

The coin magnet, as the name suggests, attracts all the nearby coins from all three lanes, and the 2x multiplier doubles your score while running. With the super sneaker, you can jump higher, even on the trains. And with the jetpack, you can fly in the sky full of coins. You can upgrade these power-ups to increase their duration. 


Hoverboards are the best thing and the life-saver. You can use them anytime you want by double-tapping on the screen or by tapping the hoverboard icon shown at the bottom right side. A hoverboard lasts for 30 seconds and will save you from any kind of collision for once. If you collide with something while the hoverboard is active, it will disappear along with the obstacles and spawn you on the track again to continue the run. 

Subway Princess Runner MOD APK 4

There are many types of hoverboards and some of them also have special skills. For instance, the Airship Board has super jump skills. You can jump over the train using it. The Energy Board has stayed low-skill. You don’t need to slide to cross the obstacles when using this board. It will automatically cross them. There are also boards with double jump and super speed skills. 

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