Homescapes MOD APK v6.8.1 [Unlimited Stars]

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Name Homescapes
Category Casual
Size 180M
Version 6.8.1
Publisher Playrix
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
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Hello, friends. Do you like puzzle match-3 games? If yes, then here’s a popular game for you. Homescapes. It is a popular match-3 game offered by Playrix with more than a hundred million downloads and a 4.7 rating out of 5. It contains thousands of challenging levels, mini-games, and an interesting storyline & adventure.


Homescapes (1)
Homescapes (1)

Austin is a butler and lives away from his parents & home. But now he decides to go back to them. When he comes back to his home full of childhood memories, his parents tell him that they are thinking of selling the mansion because they are old now and can’t manage this big mansion. Austin convinces them not to sell the mansion. But that’s not all. The mansion is also in a very bad state and needs renovation. Now, Austina and you will show your renovating skills and renovate the mansion to its former glory. 


It’s a match-3 game where you will have to match 3 or more pieces of the same color/type to achieve the given objectives in a limited number of moves. You can create power-ups, use power-up combinations, and boosters to clear the pieces quickly. Clearing the level will reward you with coins and one star. You can use that star to complete a task from your to-do list and renovate a part of the mansion. Sometimes, a task contains multiple tasks, and you will need as many stars as the stages to complete the whole task. 

Homescapes (2)
Homescapes (2)

If you fail to achieve the objectives in the given moves, you will lose a life. And it takes half an hour to recover a life. Once you lose all 5 lives, you can start the level until the life is recovered. 

Use Power-ups to Blast & Explode Pieces

Once you reach higher levels, the difficulty will increase and it will be impossible to complete the levels without using the power-ups. And if used correctly, a level can be completed in only half the number of moves. So, what are the power-ups we talking about? Well, power-ups are special pieces you can create by combining 4 or more pieces of the same color. Here’s the list of all the power-ups and how you can create them. 

Homescapes (3)
Homescapes (3)

Rocket – Match 4 pieces of the same color in a line to create a rocket. The rocket’s direction will be the same as your swiping direction. Using it will clear all the pieces of the row or column depending on its direction. 

Bomb – Match 5 pieces in L or T shape to create a bomb. On using it, it will explode and clear its surrounding pieces. 

Paper Plane – Match 4 pieces in a square (2×2) to create a paper plane. Using it will clear its 4 neighboring pieces, and then the paper plane will take off and clear one random piece. It gives priority to the pieces which are mentioned in the goal.

Rainbow Ball – Match 5 pieces in a line to create a rainbow ball. Swiping it with a piece will clear all the pieces of that color from the board. 

Power-ups Combination for Bigger Explosion

You can also combine two power-ups for a powerful effect and clear more pieces from the board. Following are the combinations you can use:

Rocket + Rocket – It clears all the pieces of a row as well as a column. 

Rocket + Bomb – It clears all the pieces of 3 rows and columns.

Bomb + Bomb – It doubles the effect of the bomb and clears all the pieces in a 4-tiles radius. 

Paper Plane + Rocket/Bomb – It clears its neighboring pieces and then converts a random piece into a respective power-up which will trigger its effect. 

Plane + Plane – It clears all its neighboring pieces and then creates 3 paper planes that will clear three random pieces, giving priority to the pieces mentioned in the objectives.

Rainbow Ball + Rocket/Bomb/Plane – It converts all the pieces of one color into the respective power-up and then triggers them. 

Rainbow Ball + Rainbow Ball – It clears all the pieces from the board and one layer of obstacles. 

Join Teams & Play with Friends

Homescapes (4)
Homescapes (4)

You can join teams to play with other players and your friends. In the teams, you can also help them or request lives. Apart from that, you can participate in special events & tournaments with your teammates and win awesome prizes. 

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