VN Video Editor
VN Video Editor

VlogNow – VN Video v2.2.1 b5392 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Name VN Video Editor
Category Video Players & Editors
Size 201M
Version 2.2.1 b5392
Publisher Ubiquiti Labs, LLC
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Hello, everyone. Today we are here with the VN Video Editor which is also known as VlogNow. It is the best video editing application that allows you to edit & create Instagram posts, stories, reels, YouTube videos, thumbnails, and much more. It comes with lots of features like cool video transitions, text style, chroma key, keyframe animation, beats, filters, & speed curve, etc.

If you use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc, then you definitely watch lots of short videos with different editing styles. If you want to edit videos like that too, then you can do that with the help of VN Video Editor. You can easily make different types of videos like short videos, vlog videos, gaming, etc, and share them on your social accounts with your friends.

User-Friendly Interface

VN Video Editor (1)
VN Video Editor (1)

VlogNow has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. It has no complex navigation and all sections & tabs are well-categorized. The editor interface is also well-designed and supports multiple layers. Audio, video, text, and main video timelines are shown separately in layers. It makes it easy to edit any layer without affecting the others.

For precise editing, it provides users with the option to zoom in/out of the timeline. Additionally, they can easily drag any inserted element like a sticker, video, image, etc. to adjust their timing & position on the timeline.

Hundreds of Filter Presets

It comes with hundreds of filter presets and a huge collection of FX & transition effects. You can choose & apply any filter preset from the Aeshtic, Create, Vivid, Essence, Fog, Lune, Polaroid, Retro, Scenery, Teal Orange, Food, etc. collections in a single tap and also adjust their intensity using the slider. 

VN Video Editor (2)
VN Video Editor (2)

For custom filters, you can adjust the parameters like exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrance, temperature, sharpening, HUE, shadow, vignette, and HSL manually. Moreover, using the HSL, you can have more control over any selected color’s intensity, lightness, and colorness. 

Create Custom Animation using Keyframe Animation

You are getting a huge collection of animations for in, out & loop animations like fade, scale, spin, slide, reveal, gradient, breathe, blink, shake, etc. But if you don’t find any animation to your liking, then you can create your animation using the Keyframe tool. 

VN Video Editor (3)
VN Video Editor (3)

To use it, just select the timeline and tap on the Keyframe button. Then make any desired changes to the video’s position, orientation, size, alignment, etc., it will add keyframe marks automatically. When you play the video, it will smoothly animate those changes between those marks. 

Speed Curve for Variable Speed

Most video editors give the option to change the video’s speed, but it applies to the whole video. For changing the speed of a selected part, you need to trip that part first. It creates more workload. That’s why VN Video Editor provides Speed Curve to its users. 

VN Video Editor (4)
VN Video Editor (4)

Using the speed curve, users can apply different playback speeds at any specific part in a single video without splitting it. In the speed curve, they can add multiple points at their desired time. Then they can adjust the speed from 0.125x to 8x at those points. 

Green-screen Effect using Chromakey

Using the Chroma feature, you can add your favorite background to your videos. You just need a video/image that will work as the background and a second video with a single-colored background like green, blue, etc. 

To create a video with a custom background, you need to import the background video first, and then insert the second as an overlay. Then tap on the second video in the timeline and select the chroma option. After that, use the picker and select the same color as the background. Done. It will remove that color and the first video will be visible.

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