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Dead Cells

Dead Cells v3.3.15 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Unlimited All)

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Name Dead Cells
Category Action
Size 750M
Version 3.3.15
Publisher Playdigious
MOD Features God Mode, One Hit, Unlimited All
Requires android Android 7.0 and up expand_more
android Android 7.0 and up
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Imagine a castle crawling with creepy undead creatures and full of hidden secrets. Now, picture yourself as a headless body with no memories of the past – a super-agile, weapon-wielding headless – tasked with conquering this nightmare lair. That’s Dead Cells, a game where death is your teacher, every run is unique, and the rush of victory tastes sweeter than any non-permadeath game can offer.

Features of Dead Cells

Story of an Amnesiac Headless

The tale is as mysterious as it is thrilling. You play as the prisoner, an amnesiac headless, a result of a failed alchemical experiment. Trapped on a disease-ridden island, your only escape is to fight your way through the monstrous hordes guarding the ever-shifting castle. Why are you here? Who are you? You’ll piece together the story through environmental clues, mysterious messages, and the occasional boss encounter, but the real focus is on the journey itself.

Gameplay: Play, Die, Learn, Replay, Die, Learn, Repeat

Get ready for a fast-paced, 2D action platformer where every move matters. It’s the combination of Castlevania and Roguelike elements. Each run through the castle is randomly generated, meaning you’ll never face the same enemies or navigate the same path twice. You’ll parry attacks, dodge projectiles, and use various weapons to take down powerful enemies, all while platforming through complex levels and unraveling hidden shortcuts.

Permadeath: Die and Lose Everything

This might sound brutal, but it’s the heart of the game. Every death sends you back to the beginning, and you lose everything, your gold, cells, weapons, upgrades, and all. But you keep permanent upgrades called “Boss Cells” that unlock new difficulty levels and challenges. Each run helps you to make progress towards a goal, teaching you enemy patterns, perfecting your combat skills, and taking you closer to conquering the castle.

Roguelike Elements

Procedurally generated maps, diverse weapons, loot drops, and enemies make every run feel fresh. Every time you die, you will spawn on a different map with different weapons. No two playthroughs are ever the same, adding an addictive layer of unpredictability. 

Metroidvania Vibes

Explore interconnected areas, unlock new abilities that open up previously inaccessible paths, and uncover hidden secrets. The castle is your playground, waiting to be conquered.

Souls-like Combat

Heard of Dark Soul games where you have to learn the enemy’s attack pattern and time your attacks to defeat them? The same is true for Dead Cells. Here, you have to learn enemy attack patterns, master the art of parrying and dodging, and unleash devastating combos to overcome challenging bosses and brutal enemies.

Multiple Game Modes

Survival – The classic Dead Cells experience. Conquer the castle and defeat the final boss.

Daily Runs  – Test your skills at a new, pre-set level every day. Compare your performance with other players on the leaderboards.

Boss Rush – Face off against all the game’s bosses in a rapid-fire gauntlet.

Various Types of Weapon & Skills

Dead Cells isn’t just about button mashing. Mastering your weapon of choice is key to survival. From swords and bows to shields and grenades, you have a vast arsenal at your disposal, each with its unique playstyle and combos. Use Broadswords for aggressive melee combat or Lances for long-range thrusting attacks. It also has shields that you can use to parry attacks and unleash devastating counters, turning defense into offense. Or explode your way through groups of enemies or create tactical opportunities using grenades & skills.

What is Dead Cells MOD APK and its MOD Menu?

It’s the MOD version of Dead Cells APK that comes with the MOD menu, allowing you to activate various features whenever you want. The features are as follows:

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Cells & Gold
  • God Mode
  • High Damage
  • Immobilise Enemy
  • One Hit Kill
  • Full Game

Features of Dead Cells MOD APK

Unlimited Gold & Cells – You can easily buy & upgrade weapons, increase your Stats, and unlock items & amulets.

God Mode – You will become immortal by using this feature.

High Damage – Your character will deal very high damage even with low-level weapons that help you to easily kill enemies in a few hits. 

Some Useful Tips

Here are some tips to help you conquer the castle:

Learn Enemy Patterns – Each enemy has their unique attack pattern. Observe, learn, dodge, and kill!

Master Parrying – A well-timed parry can leave the enemy vulnerable to deadly counter. Try to learn the timing of parry for all enemies.

Focus on Synergies – Weapons, mutations, and skills are divided into three stats – Brutality, Tactics, or Survival. Increasing these stats also increases the respective weapons & skills’ damage. And certain weapons complement with some mutations. You can create powerful combinations using these stats & synergies.

Learn from Your Failures – Analyze what went wrong, adjust your strategy, and make suitable changes to overcome that mistake.

Best Alternatives for Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a tough game, but some fantastic alternatives on Android that capture its fast-paced roguelike action and Metroidvania exploration are as follows:

Grimvalor – Grimvalor is a difficult platformer with Souls-like boss fights and precise, skill-based combat. Mastering its parry system and weapon combos is incredibly rewarding.

Haak – This atmospheric platformer takes you through an interconnected world filled with secrets and hidden pathways. The combat is fast and fluid, and the boss fights are creative and challenging.

Dungeon X Dungeon – Delve into a procedurally generated labyrinth in this retro-inspired action RPG. Choose from a variety of classes and customize your playstyle with a deep loot system. It’s challenging, but the sense of discovery and constant surprises keep you coming back for more.

Chasm – This brutal 2D platformer combines Metroidvania exploration with demanding boss fights similar to Dark Souls. Explore a cursed castle filled with traps and secrets, and perfect your parrying skills to overcome challenging foes.

Dead Cells FAQs

How do I unlock new weapons and skills?

You’ll find blueprints for new weapons and skills hidden throughout the dungeons or dropped by enemies. These can be unlocked permanently with cells.

What are malaise and cursed chests?

Malaise is a debuff that builds up over time, slowly draining your health. Cursed chests offer powerful rewards but increase your malaise.

What are mutations in Dead Cells?

Mutations are powerful passive abilities that can drastically alter your playstyle. Experiment with different combinations to customize your strategy to combat and exploration.

How do I progress in Dead Cells?

Each run through the dungeons is randomly generated. You’ll collect cells, a currency that is used to unlock permanent upgrades and new areas. Death is unavoidable, but each death strengthens your will and unlocks new possibilities for the next run. Keep trying until you find your best ending.

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