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Name - Fun Snake .io Games
ID com.amelosinteractive.snake
Category Action
Size 56M
Version 2.0.50
Publisher Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
MOD Features All Skins Unlocked
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Remember the classic snake game where you controlled a snake and ate dots on the screen to make it grow? Well, took that simple concept and created an addictive, thrilling, and challenging competition. You can slither again as the snake, devouring dots and growing bigger & bigger while competing against other players to climb up the leaderboard.

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Simple Gameplay, Devour & Grow

You will start as a snake as small as a worm in a huge arena. The arena will be filled with colourful dots. Your main mission is to eat. Eat as many dots as possible. With each dot devoured, you will grow longer. But, you won’t be alone in the arena. There will be many other slithering snakes, aiming to become the longest snake. also has a leaderboard, showing every player’s live score to make it competitive for all players. Players earn a score for each devoured dot. The higher the score, the longer the snake. You can see their scores in the leaderboard to guess their length before facing them head-on. (2)

If your head touches any part of another snake, it’s game over for you and you will become a trail of dots for others to feast on. So, be careful not to head in other snakes.

Speed Up Your Snake at the Cost of Length

Your snake slithers at a constant speed. You can increase the speed using the boost button. But it will cost you the snake’s length. As long as you are longer than your initial length, you can boost your snake. But with each second, your snake will eject the devoured dots, and become smaller. Although the boost costs you length, it’s essential to escape or trap other snakes. If used strategically, you can have a happy feast. (3)

Feast on Other Snakes

Colorful dots are a good source of growing longer in the early minutes. But as you cross a certain length, it will be slower to grow using the dots. Here comes the fun part. You can trap other snakes, and lure them to hit your tail or another snake. Once they hit you or others, they will explode into a trail of delicious, high-value dots. These dots give you lots of score points and you grow longer quickly after eating them. Also, it’s so much fun trapping them with your body by encircling them. (4)

Live Ops Event offers exciting live events from time to time with special themed skins for your snake. You can participate in the events, complete challenges, and unlock exclusive skins. Live ops event is one of many events. In the live ops event, you will face a boss snake. To defeat it, you need to charge your shots by staying in a given circle for a certain period and then shoot at the boss snake with the charged shot while avoiding the boss snake’s attacks. (5)

Lots of Unique Snake Skins

It offers a variety of skins, ranging from classic solid colors to vibrant designs. So, forget about your basic skin and slither in style. From panda, lion, tiger, rabbit, cat, etc. skins to legendary dragons, Agni, and Frostbite skins, the choice is yours. You can become the most eye-catching snake in the arena.

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