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Name Little Nightmares
ID com.playdigious.littlenightmare
Category Horror
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Version 117
Publisher Playdigious
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Imagine a world where everything seems distorted, enormous, creepy, unsettling, and corrupted. This is the world of Little Nightmares. Published by Playdigious with a mix of puzzle-platformer mechanics, this game takes you on a thrilling journey through a dark & unsettling adventure, filled with fear, strange creatures, corrupted souls, and darkness.

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Little Nightmares (1)

Help Six Escape the Maw

You play as Six, a tiny little girl in a yellow raincoat, trapped in a mysterious place called The Maw. The place is filled with strange creatures, corrupted souls, and challenging puzzles. Six is small, weak, and hungry. She needs to escape this place as soon as possible. Since she is weak, she can’t confront the dangers lurking in The Maw. You must help her navigate through the Maw’s dark & dangerous environments by avoiding the monsters & solving environmental puzzles.

Little Nightmares (2)

The Maw: Distorted Nightmares

As you explore The Maw, you will encounter many weird and scary things through various sections like the prison, lair, kitchen, guest area, etc., each section featuring a unique set of challenges and distorted & unnatural inhabitants. The prison is the first section which is a cramped and dark room full of hungry children with glowing eyes. Confusing corridors, vents, and tight spaces, you have to navigate through all these while evading the hungry children.

The lair is inhabited by monstrous janitors with long arms & flashlights, patrolling the area. The visibility is also limited in this section. You need to manipulate objects to solve puzzles. The kitchen is even more dreadful & scary. It’s filled with towering chefs with appetites that can’t be satisfied no matter how much they eat or what they eat. Agility & quick thinking are the main aspects in this section to avoid becoming their food.

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Stealth, Avoidance, Puzzle-Solving

Six lacks combat abilities. With her tiny body, she can’t fight against monstrous creatures. So, avoidance is the only weapon she has. You need to use the environment to your advantage to avoid facing the Maw’s inhabitants. Stealth is essential for survival and navigation through various sections of The Maw. Utilizing shadows, crouching, and timing your movements to avoid being spotted are some of the instances.

Little Nightmares (5)

Apart from avoiding the inhabitants, you also need to solve many environmental puzzles. These puzzles will test your wits, quick thinking, and problem-solving skills. In the early stages, you will need to push boxes, crates, or other objects to create platforms, clear paths, or reach higher areas. It also includes levers, buttons, and pressure plates to trigger mechanisms, unlock doors, and manipulate various objects.

Some puzzles require precise timing, coordination, and specific sequence. Also, light is essential in some puzzles. You will need it to illuminate specific objects, reveal hidden pathways and trigger mechanisms.

Little Nightmares (6)

Perfect Blend of Eerie Artistic Atmosphere & Sounds

Little Nightmares APK masterfully utilized its atmosphere and sound design to create a truly unsettling experience. The darkness manifested throughout the Maw and limited light sources contribute to the feeling of constant danger. It also uses vibrant red colour in places to create a sense of danger & violence, and dark blues & browns for a gloomy & decaying sense.

It also uses haunted soundtracks that complement the unsettling atmosphere. Dripping water drops, creaking floorboards, distant moans, children’s whispers, chefs’ growls, etc. add a sense of contact fear, unease, and vulnerability.

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