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Summoner Greed

Summoner Greed v1.73.5 MOD APK (Menu, Money & Resources)

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Name Summoner Greed
Category Strategy
Size 161M
Version 1.73.5
Publisher PIXIO
MOD Features Menu, Money & Resources
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Summoner Greed is a strategy tower-defense idle game by PIXIO in which you will help a powerful summoner, who can summon unique monsters with magic and command them to fight for him, to defend the treasure. He stole the royal treasure chest from the King’s castle and the King ordered his royal army & heroes to take back the royal treasure. They will stop at nothing until they get the treasure back. You must devise strategies to defend the treasure from the endless waves of armies & heroes.

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Summon Monsters & Minions with Unique Abilities

So, how can you defend the treasure from the King’s army? The answer is MONSTERS. The summoner can summon many types of monsters like Golem, Jack the Pumpkin, Hell Slime from Nether Realm, Black Kuma of the Jungle, Kraken, Minotaur, and many more. Each monster has a unique style, attack type, and special abilities.

Some monsters come with buff & debuff skills. With buff skills, they can increase the allies’ capabilities & attributes such as attack speed, attack power, attack range, etc. With debuff skills, they can stun, freeze, slow, or immobilize them depending on the skill. It provides more lineup possibilities.

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Upgrade & Evolve Your Monsters

You can level up your monsters to increase their stats and abilities to make them more stronger and effective in battle. Summoning the same monsters a certain number of times also increases their star level which provides them a huge bonus in attack power or speed.

Monster Evolution is also available in the Summoners Greed. Using the Evo gems, you can evolve the monsters in their ultimate & mythical form. Evolution greatly enhances their abilities & skills. But for each class of monsters, you will need different types of gems such as fire evo, electric evo, ice evo, mythical evo gems, etc.

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Various Types of Enemies & Heroes

You are not the only one with different types of forces to stop the enemies. King also has a variety of troops & heroes with unique characteristics & styles. There are soldiers & warriors at low levels. If you can defeat them, then the King will send elite soldiers, royal warriors, knights, mages, royal knights, Arcmages, and heroes.

While soldiers only follow the path to the treasure; warriors, elite warriors, and royal warriors attack the stones between the towers to create a direct path to the treasure. They also have higher HP than soldiers.

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The Dark Mage can debuff your monsters, decreasing their attack speed or freezing them. Royal Knights can enhance the soldiers, increasing their movement speed. And the Archmage can heal the soldiers & knights, restoring their HP. It will be tough to defend the treasure with each level.

Obliterate the Enemies using Powerful Spells

Losing due to the overwhelming number of enemies? Then cast powerful spells and obliterate them. You have three spells in the Summoner Greed- Fireball, Deep Freeze, and Lightning. You can cast them anywhere on the battlefield, giving hell to your enemies. Burn the enemies down, freeze them to death, or zip them to their souls. All spells deal damage in an area, damaging all the enemies in it.

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Use Different Strategies to Clear Enemy Waves

You need to come up with many types of strategies to clear enemy waves. One strategy won’t be enough to deal with the waves of various types of enemies. Summoner Greed includes 95+ unique monsters, amulets, and three spells. You can use countless combinations depending on their classes, synergies, and styles.

There will be 9 towers on the map and a predefined path. Summon monsters and place them on the towers. They will automatically attack the passing enemies. Use the gold earned by defeating enemies to level up the monsters and clear waves. On clearing each wave, you will get an orb that you can use to summon more monsters.

If you fail to clear any wave, then you can time wrap to the initial levels, reserving the monsters’ levels & gold and try again. But you won’t earn any orbs on the waves that you have already cleared before. However, defeating the Elite hero in every tenth level rewards you with orbs. Summon monsters, and level up, upgrade & evolve them to clear as many waves as you can.

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