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Name Wytchwood
ID com.Alientrap.Wytchwood
Category Adventure
Size 1.12G
Version 1.0
Publisher Whitethorn Games
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Come in the Wytchwood to play as a witch and craft potions, cast spells, and make choices that impact the world. Wytchwood by Whitethorn Games features a captivating crafting adventure game with an eye-catching rendered storybook art style and a fantastic world inspired by gothic fables and fairytales. Puzzles, sorceries, spells, potions, magical creatures, monsters, curses, everything is present for you to show your skills in.

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Story of a Mysterious Amnesiac Old Witch

You will play as an old witch in this game and the story revolves around you. One day, you wake up with amnesia and don’t remember who you are and why you are here. A mischievous goat, acting as a demon in disguise, reveals to you that you have an unfulfilled contract that you need to fulfil. According to the contract, you must break a young woman’s mysterious curse who is in deep sleep due to the curse.

To break the curse, you need to collect the souls of 12 individuals. As you progress in the game, you will encounter many characters, each with their own stories & dilemmas. From a greedy merchant to a mischievous sprite, you can accept their quests, help them, learn from them, or trick them. Throughout the journey, you’ll collect fragments of your memories and uncover the truth about the sleeping young woman, the contract, and your past.

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Use Your Wits & Potions to Solve Different Types of Puzzles

Wytchwood includes a diverse range of puzzles that test your logic, creativity, and understanding of the game’s mechanics. There are environmental, inventory, and logical puzzles, each requiring different methods. You have to use your potions and wit to solve environmental puzzles like creating bridges using a potion to solidify the water, opening doors using an exploding potion or using a specific potion to trigger a hidden switch.

Inventory puzzles need you to combine ingredients, use tools, and decipher clues. Logical puzzles require you to identify patterns, solve riddles, gather information from conversations & clues, and make deductions to solve these puzzles. The key to solving puzzles lies in understanding the effects of your potions and paying close attention to your surroundings.

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Master the Art of Crafting

It features a unique crafting system for brewing potions and crafting magical tools. You will collect bizarre and wonderful ingredients from common mushrooms & flowers to rare glowing fungi & shimmering dragonflies. Specific ingredients like luminous fireflies, tough spiderwebs, toxic toadstools, eyes of newts, etc. require the use of specific tools. You can also trade with the merchants some peculiar goods like bottled fear or bottled courage.

Each ingredient has unique properties. Combining different ingredients in your cauldron can create different & powerful potions. You can experiment with new combinations. Many recipes & blueprints of specific potions with unique effects are hidden throughout the world. You can explore the world to find those recipes to acquire powerful potions. Apart from the potions, you can also craft magical tools like wicker baskets and enchanted needles which are essential for solving puzzles.

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Explore a World of Tall Tales

Wytchwood is more than just crafting and spellcasting. It’s a world full of colourful characters, each with a unique story. You will meet various types of characters on your journey, from mischievous sprites to grumpy gnomes. As you talk with them, help them, and complete their quests, you will discover their hidden secrets. You will also get the choice to punish or grant redemption to the twelve individuals whose souls you will collect.

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