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9mm HD Remastered

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Name 9mm HD Remastered
Category Role Playing
Size 900M
Version 1.0.5
Publisher Gameloft
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9mm HD Remastered is a third-person role-playing & shooter game by Gameloft. It offers an engaging storyline filled with thrilling action, strategic depth, and a choice between upholding the law or resorting to vigilantism. It also features various types of weapons to take down criminals, multiplayer mode to play with friends, and bullet time to efficiently shoot down enemies.

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Storyline of 9mm HD

The story revolves around John Kannon who is a leader of a specialized police unit. He is known for bending the rules to take down criminals. When on a risky operation, he with his team eliminate a drug dealer and seize a large sum of money. But it leads to many greater problems for him and his team. The drug dealer they eliminated was the brother of the drug lord. Enraged by the loss of his brother and money, the drug lord places a massive bounty on John’s head and his entire team.

Now, John and his team are haunted by criminal organizations. He must find a way to survive and save his team. His skills and experience will be tested. Also, what methods will he use to eliminate the drug lord and his operation? Torn between uploading the law and taking swift action, will Kannon employ official channels or resort to vigilantism to eliminate the threat? His internet conflict between following the rules and taking these matters into his own hands is also part of the story.

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Take Down Criminals, Secure Evidence & Rescue Hostages

In 9mm HD, you will play as John Kannon and try to dismantle the dangerous criminal organization including the drug lord. You can use various weapons like pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and also grenade launchers. You will go through lots of missions with different objectives such as rescuing hostages, securing evidence, taking down key targets, etc. Each mission takes you through diverse environments from gritty city streets to nightclubs.

Kannon’s Signature Move: Bullet Time

Bullet time is Kannon’s signature move that gives you a super advantage while fighting enemies. When you activate the bullet time, it slows down the time and enemies move in slow motion. You can make precise shots and take down multiple enemies efficiently. It gives you a strategic advantage while fighting multiple enemies.

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Use Environmental Elements for Tactical Approach

Always fighting the enemies head-on is not efficient. It may work in most situations, but not in all. A tactical approach to effectively taking down enemies is to use objects in your surroundings. Crates, tables, walls, etc. can be destroyed. You can create sightlines by destroying them. You can also use debris as cover. You will also find barrels, trap doors, ziplines, and other interactive elements. You can use them to your advantage and tactical escapes.

Compete Against Real Players in Multiplayer Mode

Apart from its story mode, it also offers a multiplayer mode where you can play & compete against other players. It features multiple maps like industrial districts, docks, police stations, etc. & modes such as free-for-all and team deathmatch.

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You can choose from different character classes such as assault, sniper, and medic. Assault class players are the best close-quarter combats with shotguns & assault rifles. Media class players can revive their teammates and heal them using their medic supply. Sniper class payers can take down enemies from afar with their high-powered snipers & scopes.

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