Disney Mirrorverse
Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse v10.0.0 APK (Latest)

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Name Disney Mirrorverse
ID com.kabam.bullseye
Category Role Playing
Size 1.5G
Version 10.0.0
Publisher Kabam Games, Inc.
Requires android Android 9.0 and up expand_more
android Android 9.0 and up
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Disney Mirrorverse is a beautiful game where you can enjoy playing with your favorite Disney and Pixar characters such as Mickey Mouse, Raya, Rapunzel, and many more. If you have no idea about this game, let me tell you, it is a new game that is available for Android and iOS devices. It is a 3D RPG game where you can control Disney and Pixar characters.

About Disney Mirrorverse

It is offered by Kabam Games Inc. and it has around 50 Million downloads on just Google Play Store. Speaking of Disney’s popularity, there is hardly anyone present that doesn’t know about Disney characters. Not just kids, but we adults also love them. Now, all of them are available in this mobile game. Also, it’s a free game, so, go and download this game today.

Amazing Story

Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK_result
Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK_result

Here, players can enjoy a brand-new story, completely different from the Disney movies that we have seen. Speaking of the story, it is pretty simple where we have complete levels one by one. Playing the story mode will help us to unlock more Disney characters or playable heroes. Also, people can use crystals to unlock new heroes. These heroes help us to beat levels because to complete levels we need to defeat enemies.

Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK1_result
Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK1_result

We have three resources that are important. They are energy, gold, and orbs. Energy is used to play story quests, as playing quests takes some amount of your energy, if you don’t have enough energy, you won’t be able to play quests. Speaking of gold, it is used to upgrade your guardians and their talents. Now the third one is Orbs, they are rare and expensive. Players can buy them with real money. You can buy orbs to unlock crystals.

Unlock and Upgrade Guardians

Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK2_result
Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK2_result

You will start your journey with Rapunzel but once you complete levels, you will unlock new guardians. The game has 54+ unique guardians, all from Disney and Pixar movies. Players can’t only unlock them but they can also upgrade them. If you want to unlock new guardians, you will need crystals. You can win crystals while playing the story quests. Also, you can craft them but it will take some time. After getting crystals, we can use them to unlock new guardians.

Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK3_result
Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK3_result

Speaking of their details, players can view any guardian details by just tapping on them. It will help players to check multiple data at once. From guardian details, players can view an overview of a guardian, for example, its level, attributes, upgrading option, etc. Players can also check the abilities, talents, relics, milestones, bio, etc. details of their guardians,

Multiple Modes

Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK4_result
Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK4_result

There are so many game modes available. First of all, we have the Story mode where we have a total of 9 Story Chapters and each of these chapters includes many stages. Once you have completed all the stages of a chapter, you will start a new story chapter. It’s a long journey but on the way, you will unlock new guardians and learn about their uses, and find what’s going on. Now speaking of other game modes, we have Supply Runs (Stellar Training), Tower (Hi-Tech Tower), Events (Beast of intentions), Dungeons (Dangerous Dungeons), and Rift Raids game modes.

Supply Runs: In Steller Training, players can learn the skills of their guardians and test them.

Tower: In Hi-Tech Towers, players will climb up the towers, it’s the rank mode.

Events: In Beast of Intentions, players need to help Beast and Elsa.

Dungeons: In Dangerous Dungeons, players will be forced into the hardest levels. Also, valuable artifacts are waiting for you too.

Rift Raids: In Rift Raids, players can play against real players.

MOBA Like Controls

Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK5_result
Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK5_result

If you have played some MOBA games, you will love Disney Mirrorverse’s controls. They are easy and players can easily learn them. You will find a wheel on the left with which you can control your guardian, and on the right, you can find the attack button and skills button.

Beautiful Graphics

Speaking of graphics, Disney Mirrorverse is a beautiful game just like those Disney movies. All the cutscenes, trailers, and characters’ entrances feel so real. Also, the animation is fantastic as well. Playing Disney Mirrorverse is fun and you will enjoy it.

Useful FAQs

Disney Mirrorverse APK is safe?

Yes, Disney Mirrorverse is safe to play.

How to update Disney Mirrorverse?

You can visit Modpapa.com to update it.

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