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The Wolf

The Wolf v3.3.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Premium Active)

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Name The Wolf
ID com.swiftappskom.thewolfrpg
Category Role Playing
Size 196M
Version 3.3.0
Publisher Swift Apps LTD
MOD Features Free Shopping, Premium
Requires android Android 5.0+ expand_more
android Android 5.0+
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The Wolf is a Role-Playing and wolf simulator game offered by Swift Apps LTD on mobile devices. It has currently 10 Million+ downloads on just android devices. With almost five-star ratings on the Google Play Store, it is one of the best games if you love Wolves and want to be one of them or just wish to live a wolf Life.

Description of The Wolf

It is an online role-playing simulator game where you are a wolf. In this game, all you have to do is to live like a wolf, hunt like a wolf, and understand the environment. Also, you can make your wolf the 1strongest one.

The Wolf MOD APK gameplay

Explore The World

It has a total of six maps including the Green Hills, Dark Forest, Wild Tundra, Legend Mountains, Mammoth Creek, and Tropical Forest. The base location is Green Hills which is unlocked for all the players but to unlock other locations, you will have to increase your player level. For example, to play Mammoth Creek, your level should be 40 otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock that location on your map.

The Wolf MOD APK world

Fight Epic Bosses

In this game, your character will have to survive to finish lots of quests and missions in order to keep healthy and keep his stomach full. Also, to gain respect and love from other wolves, you need to be stronger in your wolf’s pack. So, be ready to fight epic boss fights and win amazing rewards in this game.

The Wolf MOD APK world boss fights

Develop Your Wolf

This game allows you to increase your wolf’s attributes including his Health, Defence, Attack power, and Speed. All the players start at level one with all the low stats which later we all have to increase in order to stand against other wild animals and bosses. Players can also unlock various skills in this game as there are so many skills including basic skills, auras skills, special skills, and totems. Not only that but players can also choose the appearance of their wolves as there are so many wolf skins available. These skins require moonstones while some skins require specific player levels.

The Wolf MOD APK champ

Various Game Modes

There are especially two game modes including co-op and PVP. Playing co-op offers you various locations in the world where you can complete various tasks to gain attributes and rewards. After dying, you will be respawned immediately. In PVP or player vs player modes, your wolf will stand against another wolf. The winner will take the reward. This game also provides daily quests for all the players that give rewards after completion. Completing these quests in The Wolf offers points and medals.

Play with Friends

You can join packs (online guilds) where you can play with other friends and people in online modes. You can also create your own pack where you can invite other friends. Playing with friends is an amazing experience in the game as you also hunt with your friends which makes the game easier.

The Wolf MOD APK Play with friends

Gameplay and Graphics

Speaking of the gameplay, It has an immersive world full of adventure, animals, and beautiful scenery. You will definitely enjoy the wolf in this game. The graphics are also mind-blowing as there are quality and resolution settings available in this game. You can choose Ultra High settings if you wish to play with the best graphics settings but these settings require a great mobile device that can handle such high graphics.

Stunning Visual & Sound Effects

If you have never played this game, then it’s the right time because the visual of this game and the sound effects are really amazing. With the best settings, you will love this game if you are a fan of the Wolves.

Amazing Controls

The controls of this mobile game are so easy to understand. On the left of the screen, you will find a wheel that will help you to move your wolf and on the right side of the screen, there is the attack button. The attack button will help you to attack the surroundings and hunt other animals such as Sheep and boar, etc.

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